Surname: Culbertson

Biography of Jesse Carroll Culbertson

Operating widely in the real estate field of Muskogee and thoroughly acquainted with values and the opportunities for sale, Jesse Carroll Culbertson has made steady progress in his business career through his close application, energy and commendable determination. A native son of Illinois, he was born in Macon County, November 25, 1882, and is a son of Griffith James and Lydia (Pieper) Culbertson. The father was also engaged in the real estate, loan and insurance business and thus in youth Jesse C. Culbertson gained considerable knowledge of the business, laying up information that has been to him of great value

Girls at the Fort Shaw Indian School

1910 Census of Fort Shaw Industrial Indian School

Fort Shaw Industrial Indian Boarding School opened in 1891 in Montana. It was discontinued 30 June 1910, due to declining enrollment. In 1904, it had a famous girls’ basketball team that barnstormed its way to St. Louis playing basketball and performing, and won the “World Championship” at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair. This census was requested by the Department of the Interior for a listing of all the Indians enrolled at Fort Shaw Indian School for June 1910 in answer to Circular #448. Key to Relation Father – F    Mother – M Sister – S    Brother – B Aunt