Surname: Chesnut

Biography of Samuel Chesnut

THE CHESNUT FAMILY. Among the prominent families who early immigrated to Todd County in the pioneer days, may justly be mentioned the one appearing at the head of this brief sketch. Near the beginning of the present century the widow Chesnut removed from North Carolina to Todd. County, Ky., and settled on the Elk Fork of Red River. With her came her sons, Samuel, James, John and Alexander. They were zealous members of the old Seceder Church. Of these sons, Samuel, born in North Carolina, 1793, was a valiant soldier in the war of 1812, and died in 1866. His

Biographical Sketch of Franklin M. Chesnut

FRANKLIN M. CHESNUT. Among the names of the first settlers in the vicinity of Elkton, is that of John Chesnut, who came from South Carolina in 1810, and settled in 1812 in Todd County, on the farm now owned and occupied by Frank M. He had a family of eight children, including five sons, among whom was John Chesnut, the father of Franklin M. He was born July 25, 1796, in South Carolina; came to Kentucky with the family, and here in Todd County married Miss Maburn, who died after bearing him three children, viz.: Jane, Mary E., who married