Surname: Carson

Carson, John R. – Obituary

La Grande, Union County, Oregon Fatal Plunge The Awful Death of John R. Carson the Well-Known Engineer On Tuesday last all that was mortal of John R. Carson, the well-known engineer on this division of the O.R.&S. line was laid to rest at Riverview cemetery, Portland. Who, of all his legion of friends could have believed a few days ago that he would now be numbered in the ranks of those that have passed beoynd and only the memory of his cheerful face and pleasant greetings remain to remind us of the uncertainties of life. On Sunday last the west

Biography of John Carson

JOHN CARSON. – Few, indeed, combine so many of those characteristics of frontier life, have undergone those experiences, successfully passed through those vicissitudes, which, aggregated and embodied in the life of one man, constitute him in the true sense a “pioneer,” as he whose name heads this sketch. It but feebly represents his real worth and genuine manhood. The picture is incomplete which fails to show those struggles and hardships and sacrifices to which he and his little family were subjected in their journey to this country, in their labor to make a dwelling-place in the wilderness, and to open

Biography of David Friedley Carson

David Friedley Carson, a prominent member of the Kansas City, Kansas, bar, is a native of Kansas and his people went through all the harrowing experiences of homesteading and making a living out of the land during the years when Kansas was plagued by grasshoppers, droughts and mortgages. Mr. Carson was born on a farm near Urbana in Neosho County June 7, 1875. He was the third of seven children, four of whom are still living. His parents, William and Anna M. (Friedley) Carson, were both born in Bedford County, Indiana, where their respective parents were early settlers. William Carson’s

Biography of James S. Carson

James S. Carson, while not a native of this country, has borne his share so bravely in defence of the rights of the Union, that all right-thinking citizens must inevitably feel proud of so honorable a record. He is a native of Scotland, and from that land of thrift and wisdom brought many of the admirable traits which characterize her inhabitants. He has also been of service to his country in a number of public offices, and may with truth be considered a model citizen. James Carson, father of James S. Carson, and a son of Samuel Carson, of Scotland,

Biographical Sketch of Robert Carson

Robert Carson, who was born in Killeleagh, county Down, Ireland, October, 1769, died in Seneca, New York, May, 1864. He emigrated to America in 1789, landing at Wilmington, Delaware. He apprenticed himself, as was the custom of the time, to a Mr. Armstrong, in Cecil county, Maryland, and in 1800 removed to Seneca, New York, where he purchased a large tract of land on the west bank of Flint creek, and engaged in agricultural pursuits. His political principles were Democratic, and he was a member of the Protestant church. He married, in 1800, Sarah, daughter of the Mr. Armstrong to

Biographical Sketch of Robert Carson

Robert (2), eldest son and fifth child of Robert (1) and Sarah (Armstrong) Carson, was born in Seneca, Ontario county, New York, May 23, 1810, and died October 6, 1883. His occupations were varied, being those of farmer, miller and manufacturer. He gave his political support to the Democratic party, and was a member of the Presbyterian church. He married, January 2. 1834, Rebecca Rippey. who was born September 6, 1808. and died April 5, 1875. Children: 1. Matthew Rippey, born May 25, 1836; is a physician, practicing in Canandaigua, Ontario county, New York; married Elizabeth Ostrom, of Carlton, Saratoga

Biography of Dr. James Carlton Carson

Dr. James Carlton Carson, youngest child of Robert (2) and Rebecca (Rippey) Carson, was born in Seneca, Ontario county, New York, January 23, 1847. His preparatory education was received in the public schools and the Canandaigua Academy, and he then became a student at the University of Michigan. Subsequently he studied at the Bellevue Hospital Medical College, New York City, from which he was graduated with the degree of Doctor of Medicine. Prior to taking up his medical studies he had assisted for a time in the cultivation of the homestead farm. In 1870 he served as assistant physician in