South Carolina Civil War Rosters – 8th Regiment, Company B.

CAPTAINS: Hough, M.J., Powell. R.T.

LIEUTENANTS: Parker. G.A., Thurman, M.T., Turnage, P.A., Sellers, D., Johnson, C.B., Hough, J.M., Moore, P.A., White, J.F., Chapman, H.C., Courtney, W.R.

SERGEANTS: Jones. J., Rivers, W.F., Douglass, W., Rivers, W.F., Douglass, J.B., Sellers, R.C., Evans, B.F., Kite, B., Hammock. J.E.

CORPORALS: Rivers, W.B., Rashing, J.P., Sellers, P.A., Herst, L., Campbell, J.A., Hancock, R.F.M.

PRIVATES: Anderson, B., Adams, B.P., Brown, V.F., Brown, D., Boon, E., Boon, C., Boon, A., Beaver, M., Brock, C., Boon, W.B., Cassadlay, A.J., Courtney, O., Courtney, J., Courtney, J.P., Cross. H., Cross, P., Chapman, A., Davis, F., Deas, T.A., Driggers, T., Dixon, R., Funderburk, H.W., Funderburk, J.B., Gaskins, J.B., Horn, J.D., Horn, J.W., Harp, W.C., Hancock, J.T., Hicks, J., Johnson, W.B., Johnson, T.B., Jordon, J.W., Lisenly, S., Lear, B.P., Lewis, T.H., McBride, J.A., McPriest, P., Massey, B.F., McKey, D.A., McCrany, D.A., Melton, J., Melton, A., Melton, W., Moore, H., McDuffie. J., McLean, J.W., McLean, D.A., McNair, —-, McManus, R., McNair. N.C., Nelson, M., Nelson, H., Price, H., Polson, J., Rivers, P., Rogers, P., Sellers, J.D., Sellers, W.B., Sellers, W.R., Sellers, H.J., Sillivan, T., Sillivan. S., Sweatt, W., Sweatt, S., Stricklen. H., Teed, T.B., Tarnage, D., Threatt, J.W., Threatt, W., Threatt, T., Threatt, H., Terry, J., Timmons, W., Tadlock, W., White, H., Whittaker, J.W., Wilkerson, J., West, J.S., McNair, N.

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AccessGenealogy. South Carolina Civil War Rosters. Compiled from a variety of sources. © 2010-2013.

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