South Carolina Civil War Rosters – 7th Regiment, Company A.

CAPTAINS: Bland, Elbert, Harrison, S.

LIEUTENANTS: Bland, J.A., Wenner, M.B.

SERGEANTS: Addison, H.W., Bert, A.W., Smiles, N.G., Connels, J.R., Gregory, R.

CORPORALS: Cogburn, R.M., Mathis, C.A., Regan, B.G., Fair, W.B., Hill, T.T., Butler, E.S.

PRIVATES: Aultman, Jno., Aultman, J., Burton, T., Boatwright, B., Boyce, W.G., Broadwets, T.A., Brown, J.J., Brown, J.C., Bryant, H.G., Barnett, W.H., Carpenter, J., Cogburn, B.J., Cogburn, W.H., Crawford, W., Courtney, J.G., Casar, E.H., Casar, C.G.D., Casar, J.L., Carson, H., Cushman, C.B., Daily, R.J., Day, J.S., Davis, E.G., Day, J.S., DeLoach, J., Dunagant, J., Easley, J., Edison, W.M., Elsman, J.E., Fair, J.E., Glover, A., Glover, R.J., Gomillian, L., Gray, H.C., Green, J., Green, M., Hagood, J.V., Walsenback, L., Horn, J.S., Johnson, L.S., Johnson, D.F., Johnson, D.W., Jones, S.A., Jones, F.A., Kirksey, W.H., Legg, E.W., Littleton, L.W., Libeschutts, M., Long. W.R., Lott, G.H., Lovelace. G.C., Miles, C.L., Miles, A., Miles, S., Mims, R.S., Minis, W.D., Mobley, G.S., Mobley, S.C., McDaniels, F.S., McGeires, Charley, Nichholson, J.A., Perin, J.D., Powell, R., Prescott, H.H., Prescott, S.J., Radford, J.A., Radford, A., Raney, D.D., Randall. F.E., Riddle, S., Robertson, J.F., Rodgers, C.E., Ryon, S.D., Salter, G.P., Salter, J.R., Samuel, W., Smith, W.J., Smith, D.W., Smith, F.L., Sheppard. S., Stevenson, T., Sweringer, R., Swearinger, A.S., Snelgrove. J.F., Toney, Ed., Turner, H.R., Walker, P.E., Whitlock, W., Whitlock, G.W., Whitman, S,. Weathelsy, L., Williams, G.D., Williams, R.R., Williams, W.B.F., Williams. D.S., Willing. R., Willing, J., Woolsey, J.D., Wright, W.M., Wright, J.H.

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AccessGenealogy. South Carolina Civil War Rosters. Compiled from a variety of sources. © 2010-2013.

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