South Carolina Civil War Rosters – 2nd Regiment, Company I.

CAPTAINS: Cuthbert, G.B., Elliott, R.E., Fishburn, Robt.

LIEUTENANT: Holmes, C.R., Brownfield, T.S., Webb, L.S., Robinson, S., Darby, W.J., Brailsford, A.M., Bissell, W.S., Daniel, W.L.

SERGEANTS: Wright, J.E., Lalane, G.M., Hanahan, H.D.

CORPORALS: Boyd, J.B., Gaillard, T.E., DeSausure, E., Duttard, J.E., Bellinger, E.W., Mathews, O.D., Miller, R.S.

PRIVATES: Vincent, A.M., Artes, P.F., Bedon, H.D., Bellinger, J., Bellinger, C.C.P., Bird, J.B., Brownfield. R.I., Brailford, D.W., Brisbane, W., Bull, C.S., Baynord, E.M., Calder, S.C., Chaplain. D.J., Chaplain, E.A., Claney, T.D., Crawford, J.A., Cambell. J.E., Carr, J, T., Colcock, C.J., Davis, W.C., Dwight, C.S., Dyer, G.B., DeCavadene, F., Dupont, A., Elliott, W.S., Fludd, W.R., Farman, C.M., Gadsden, T.S., Galliard, T.G., Girardeau, G.M., Glover, J.B., Godfrey, W., Goodwin, J.J., Green, W.G., Hanckel, J.S., Hane, W.C., Harllee, J., Harllee, W.S., Harllee. P., Jackson, A., Jacobs, H.R., Kerrison, C., Kerrison, E., Larrisey, O., Lawton, W.M., Lawton, J.C., Miller, J.C., Mackey, J.J., Mackey, W.A., Mathews, P.F., Miller. A.B., Miller, P, G., Mills, E.J., Moses, J.L., Moses, P., Mortimer, Le. B., Munnerlyn, J.K., Mitchell, F.G., Myers. S.C., Montgomery, —-, McCoy, H.A., McLean, M.M., Pinckney, S.G., Palmer, J.J., Pinckney, H., Palmer, G., Palmer, K.L., People, H.M., Pendergrass, M.G., Prentiss, O.D., Prentiss, C.B., Ruffin, E., Ruffin, C., Raysor, J.C., Reeder, T.H., Rice, L.L., Rivers. R.H., Rivers. W., Roumillat, A.J.A., Royal, J.P., Sanders, A.C., Sanders, J.B., Shipman, B.M., Screven, R.H., Seabrook, J.C., Scott. M.O., Shoolbred, J., Shoolbred, R.G., Smith, G. McB., Stocker, T.M., Strobhart, James, Thompson. T.S., Tillinghast, E.L., Trapier, E.S., Walker, W.A., Walker, W.J., Wescoat, W.P., Wescoat, T.M., Wickenberg, A.V., Zealy, J.E.

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AccessGenealogy. South Carolina Civil War Rosters. Compiled from a variety of sources. © 2010-2013.

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