South Carolina Civil War Rosters – 15th Regiment, Company K.


LIEUTENANT: Rodgers, W.M., White, A., Taggert, W.H., Smith, W.A., McCaslan, W.M., Henderson, O.

SERGEANTS: Dean, B.A., Smith, S.B., Jennings, J.C., Freeland, S.E., McBride, S.S., McBride, J.B., Calvin, A.P. COPORALS: Deason, A., Ballard, F.S., McCaine, J.K., Hendrix, M.F., Berdeshaw, W.C., Dorn, J.J., Bird, M., Attaway, S.

Privates: Adams, J.Q., Bearden. W., Bangham, W.W., Bell, E.B., Bouchillon, H.M., Bouchillon, J.S., Bull, W.W., Bussey, T.J., Bird, D., Bird, W., Brown, R., Brown, W.M., Brown, E., Brown, M., Brown, J., Bussey, D., Bodie, J.R., Carr, N., Caldwell, J.W., Corley, J.A., Corley, C., Collins, J.F., Crawford, J.R., Cothran, J.M., Crestian, J.T., Covin, O.W., Cook, S., Curry, W.L., Dean, F., Devore, S., Devore, J.S., Devore, J.W., Doollittle, J.E., Doollittle, S., Ennis, J.O., Ennis, G.W., Ennis, T.W., Elam, J., Evans, J., Freeland, J.P., Frith, T., Gardner, W.T., Gardner, A.H., Glansier, P., Griffin, E., Hamilton, W.M., Harrison, H.C., Harrison, J., Hasteing, J., Harris, A., Henderson, C., Henderson, J.E., Hendrix, H.H., Hughes, J.S., Hill, T., Horn, S., Hannon, W., Holsomback, H.H., Hill, J., Hemphill, —-, Hardy, J., Holloway, W.J., Ivy, T., Irvin, J., Johnson, E.C., Jeno, M., Jennings, C., King, W.M., King, T., King, S., Lawton, F.E., Lawton, J.W., Lawton, A., Lawton, L., Ludwick, W.C., Lukewire, H., Mathis, T.E., Mayson, R.C., Mayson, P.A., Mayson, J., Mayson, J.C., Martin, H.D., McCain, W.J., Miner, J., Miner, W., Merriweather, R., McKinney, J., McKelvin, G.T., Martin, A.M., McCannon, W.R., Moore, J.D., Medlock, A., Newby, G.W., Purdy, J.H., Price, W.C., Price, R., Price, H., Rich, J.S., Robertson, J.B., Robertson, H., Rearden, L.D., Rodgers, P.A., Rodgers, P., Sperry, E.C., Shadrack, T.N., Shannon, W.N., Scott, W.D., Shover, W., Steadman, J., Sheppard, L., Towles, E., Tompkins, S., Tompkins, W., Timmerman, F., Taggart, P., Vaughn, J., Vaughn, D., Weeks, C., Whitton, C., Walker, B.C., Walker, C., Whatley, E., Weeks, S., Weems, J.T., New, S., Smith, W.H., Robertson, J.S., Davis, W.M., Reynolds, J.M., Crawford, J.W., Vaughn, W.

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AccessGenealogy. South Carolina Civil War Rosters. Compiled from a variety of sources. © 2010-2013.

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