South Carolina Civil War Rosters – 15th Regiment, Company F.

CAPTAINS: Boyd, C.W., Jefferies, Jno R.

LIEUTENANTS: Norris, James, Walker, S.S., Steen, Geo., Jefferies, J.D., Hart, W.D., Wood, Moses.

SERGEANTS: Rowland, Jas. A., Boyd, R.W., Kendricks, M.S., Lipscomb, Smith, Shippey, Dexter, Wilkins, W.D., Jones, B.F., McKown, G.W.

CORPORALS: Spears, G.S., Morgan, George, Balue, Thomas, Mays, Jno., Littlejohn, I.H., Reavs, Z., Vinson, Richard, Jones, N.C.

PRIVATES: Alston, M.K., Bailey, T.J., Berbage, D.B., Blanton, Ambrose, Blanton, D.D., Brown, Wm., Burgess, Thomas, Betenbough, Joseph, Betenbough, Jno., Blanton, N.A., Burgess, L.I., Cellars, Wm., Clary, Herod, Clary, G.B., Clary, Singleton, Clary, Wm., Carter, E.L., Dukes, I.C., Edge, Jno., Fowler, B.F., Fowler, Jno., Fowler, R.M., Fowler, Wm., Fowler, Richard, Fowler, W., Farr, F.M., Goudlock, T.D., Griffin, Thomas, Goforth, W.M., Hames, L.A., Horn, Asbury, Horn, Elias, Hughey, J.R., Horn, Wash., James, Wash., Jefferies, Hamlet, Jones, James, Jeter, S.A., Jones, S., Kirby, Wm. D., Knox, James, Kendrick, T.J., Knox, Morgan, Knox, Thomas, Lee, W.A., Leonard, Wm., Littlejohn, C.T., Littlejohn, Henry, Littlejohn, M.R., Lockhart, J.C., Lockhart, J.N., Lenoad, J.M., Lockhart, R.M., Maberry, Saml., McCafferty, G.A., Macornsor, D.R., Mayes, L.C., McKown, F.M., Millwood, J.C., Millwood, J.H., Millwood, Morgan, Moorhead, J.T., Moorhead, W.G., Mosely, D.P., Moseley, W.D., Murphy, M., Murphy, S.M., Peeler, J.R., Page, J.L., Page, R., Peeler, A.J., Peeler, D.M., Perkinson, S., Phillips, S.G., Puckett, I.H., Pearson, I.A., Phillips, G.M., Phillips, J.T., Phillips, T.J., Rodgers, W.N., Scott, H.W., Scott, T.E., Scates, L., Spencer, D.N., Sprouse, W., Stroup, T.H., Sartor, T., Shippey, M., Spencer, J., Sanders, A.J., Thompson, M.D., Wakefield, L., Ward, I.L., Ward, I.N., Wilkins, R.S., Wilkins, T.T., Ward, W.

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AccessGenealogy. South Carolina Civil War Rosters. Compiled from a variety of sources. © 2010-2013.

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