Articles Sent Away, to Virginia

To Hospital at Charlottesville, Virginia
First shipment, five boxes.
Second shipment, seven boxes.

Third shipment, by crate, one bottle port wine, twenty-seven bottles blackberry wine, two bottles medicine, one of plum cordial, one of cherry cordial, two of damson plums, one package of cream tartar, one dozen powders.

To Fairfield Company

First Box –
One dozen Jacob’s cordial, one blackberry cordial, one bottle camphor, four pounds coffee, one package sage, one bag sugar, one bag rice, one box salt.
Second Box
Breads, cakes, and biscuits.
Third Box

One tin coffee pot, ground coffee, three cans preserves, four loaves bread, biscuits, cakes, package Hyson tea, bag sugar, two Testaments, newspapers.

Fourth Box
Bag rice, flour, sweet cakes, ninety-nine undershirts – flannel and cotton.

Fifth Box, sent to Hospital

Package mosquito netting, two and one-half dozen plates, one dozen knives and forks, lot books, one teakettle, one teapot, three packages, containing five mattresses, with pillows, quilts, bedspreads, and sheets, cloth for bandages.

Thirteenth Box, to Hospital, Mrs. Oxner’s Contribution
One quilt, two counterpanes, one bed tick, three sheets, one pair pillow-slips, two towels, two pairs drawers, four pairs hose, four pairs men’s slippers, six table and six teaspoons, one paper pins, one package cornstarch, spice, cloves, nutmegs, three mugs, three bars soap, four bottles wine, one brandy peaches, preserves, jelly, bandages.

Sent to Captain McMeekin’s Company
Two bottles turpentine, one bottle Hives’ syrup, one bottle camphor, one box mustard, one package mustard seed, wine, jelly, preserves, herbs, cornstarch, bread, biscuits, and cake.

Sent to Sick at Same Place
Two dozen pairs drawers, one shirt, six yards flannel, cloth for spreading blisters, fifteen mattresses, twelve and one-half pairs blankets, fourteen pillows, fourteen long sheets.

Sent to Hospital
Six shirts, four dozen pairs drawers, one pair blankets, thirteen dozen pairs sheets.

Sent to Captain Shedd’s Company –
Five dozen pairs drawers, six and one-half dozen pairs socks, one pair blankets for a sick soldier, thirty-one shirts, forty pairs drawers, thirteen scarves.

November – To Coast –
One hundred and thirty-two pairs socks, one pair mitts.

To Virginia, to Capt. L. Clarke’s Company, Maryland Volunteers –
Three dozen shirts, three dozen pairs drawers, three dozen pairs socks, one pair gloves – the last article being sent by little Kate Crawford to Capt. L. Clarke.

Articles Contributed.

By Mrs. W. Moore, Mrs. J. S. Stewart
One bushel hominy, five bottles blackberry cordial, one pound black tea, one bottle blackberry jam, two bottles honey, two bottles wine, two bottles acid, one bottle acid drink, one-half dozen pairs socks, six pillow cases, four sheets, two bedspreads, six towels, six old sheets, ten pounds soap, four pounds ground coffee, slippery elm.

Mrs. Dr. Clark
Sage, red pepper, two fans, one bag rice, one bag sugar, two bottles lime juice, two bundles mint and sage, one jar of jelly (blackberry), four bottles blackberry wine, one bag rice.

Mrs. McNeil
Four bottles lime juice, one bottle blackberry cordial, two pack-ages gelatin, one package rice flour.

Mrs. M. Jordan and Miss E. Laughlin

Three pairs slippers, one bottle turpentine, one bottle No. 6.

Mrs. Gaillard and Mrs. Dwight
One gallon blackberry wine, two bottles blackberry cordial, one bottle lime juice, one bottle rosewater, one bottle each of Hyson and black tea, loaf sugar, six pounds crushed sugar, one bottle brandy, eleven sheets, sixteen handkerchiefs, twelve pillow-cases, four shirts, four pairs flannel drawers, old cloth.

Mrs. E. J. Hall
Four pairs drawers, two shirts, two pairs socks, three packages coffee, three packages tea, candles, one bottle blackberry wine.

Mrs. G. H. McMaster
Four sheets, four pillow-cases, three pillow-cases, two comforts, two towels, eight pairs socks, four pairs drawers, three shirts, three handkerchiefs, one jar blackberry jelly, one bottle acid.

Mrs. Mobley
Six shirts, four pairs drawers, four pairs socks, old linen cloth for bandages, dressing-gowns.

Mrs. McK. Elliott
One shirt, two pairs drawers, two pairs pants, two shirts, two pairs socks, towels, pillow-slips, old cloth for bandages, loaf sugar, tea, sweet oil, and sage.

Mrs. Gamble
Two quilts, twelve yards cloth for bandages, six pillow-cases.

Mrs. E. Barber
One gallon wine, one gallon grape wine, towels, sheets, linen, sage, and catnip.

Mrs. R. McMaster
Pillow-cases, sheets, pillows, shirts, drawers, old cloth for bandages, tin plates, spoons, pans, coffee, ginger, sugar, fans, sage, and mint.

Mrs. Buchanan, Mrs. Campbell, and Mrs. Weir
Pillows, sheets, shirts and fly brushes.
Sugar, coffee, rice, tea, crackers, and nutmegs.
Sheets, tin cups, shirts, four pairs socks, four handkerchiefs, towels, and slippery elm.

Mrs. H. Mc aster
Six iron spoons, six tumblers, one dozen tea-plates, two bundles chocolate, two bars soap, one bottle cordial, four bottles acid, three sheets, four pairs drawers, one sheet, rice flour.

Mrs. W. Ellison
Three bars castile soap, nutmegs, three bottles of wine, one bundle cloth, three boxes mustard.

Mrs. Dr. Buchanan, Mrs. Thos. Jordan
Two shirts, one bundle old linen, four rolls bandages, two bottles camphor, two bottles peppermint.
Four shirts, one bundle old linen and cotton, six towels, sage, balm, one-half bushel rice, two bottles cordial, three bottles lime juice.

Mrs. Dr. Cremer
Four pillow-slips, old cloth, rock candy, citron, raisins, nutmegs, prunes, two papers of ground ginger, salt.

Mrs. O. Woodward
Four pairs socks, four tablecloths, two bedspreads, four shirts, one-half peck rice, salt, one bushel grits.

Mrs. Boylston, Mrs. Rion, and Mrs. Laughlin
Two pillows, two packages gelatin, one of arrowroot, farina, castile soap, six towels, two pillow-cases, two bottles cordial, three bottles lime juice, one bag grits, six pairs socks.

Mrs. Ladd
Barley, five shirts, one bundle sheets, three bottles blackberry cordial, one bundle sage.

Mrs. Lyon
Two sheets, one spread, two shirts, six pillow-cases, four towels, two pairs drawers, six spoons, soap, one jar honey, sage, old cotton cloth.

Mrs. E. T. Lyles, Miss Crawford, and Mrs. Eraser
Sugar, coffee, two bottles blackberry wine, thirty-six pounds sugar, two pounds tea, twelve pounds coffee, three pecks rice, dried apples, one-half bushel grits, one jar blackberry preserves, sage, pepper, four pairs sheets, four pairs pillow-slips, six fans, four towels, four handkerchiefs, four shirts, seven bundles of linen for bandages, four Testaments, four Hymn Books, three gallons wine.

Miss Barkley
One pillow, one pair sheets, one pair pillow-slips, one bedspread, one package gelatin, one package herbs.

Mrs. Hammond
Two shirts, one pair drawers, one undershirt.

Mrs. John Adger
Six pillow-slips, six towels, six sheets, six shirts, two linen cambric handkerchiefs, six pairs socks, two pairs drawers, two undershirts, two nightshirts, one paper of pins, two curled hair pads, one flaxseed, four rolls of bandages and pads, cotton, one pound tea, eight pounds rice flour, two pounds Hyson tea, two pounds tapioca, two packages rice, two bottles cordial, one bottle ginger, three bottles wine, one bottle camphor, one gallon jelly, one pair buckskin slippers, one pair worsted slippers.

Mrs. Herron
Four sheets, three shirts, two pillow-slips, two towels, two hand-kerchiefs, one package strip cloth, one jar blackberry jelly, ten pounds rice.

Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Baum, and Mrs. Wolfe
One bedspread, two shirts.
One bottle blackberry wine, twelve pounds coffee.
One bottle wine, one blackberry jelly, six pounds tea, twelve quarts rice, one box grits, one box mustard, one lot balm, one lot sugar.

Mrs. L. W. Shedd
Two bottles wine, one bottle cordial, two boxes gelatin, one jar preserves, three pairs sheets, three pillow-cases, one pillow, four towels, two shirts, sage.

Mrs. O. R. Thompson
Six packages blackberry jelly, four bottles wine, six towels, three books, one paper ginger, two spittoons, one fly brush, one bundle bandages, one package tracts.

Mrs. J. Lemon
One dozen wine, one package bedclothes, sheets, comforts, weaving cloths.

Mrs. D. Aiken
Six jars preserves, six jars mustard, one quart cologne, one quart rosewater, two jars brandy peaches, two pounds Hyson tea, three pounds root ginger, four pounds tapioca, one bottle each of laudanum, paregoric, hartshorn, and No. 6, one bag spices, one tin slop tub, one tin water bucket, one coffeepot, two mugs, one pound gum camphor, two spittoons, one jar ginger preserves.

Mrs. J. R. McMaster
Two bedspreads, four sheets, four slips, two quilts, nine towels, one bag sage, one pound black tea, three pounds rice flour, two pounds candy, one pound gumdrops, two tin cups, two mugs, six spoons, two pounds farina, sugar, cloth for bandages, soap, ladle.

Mrs. R. E. Ellison
Six pillows, six pairs pillow-cases, six sheets, one shirt, one quilt, two counterpanes, one spread, three hospital sheets.

Mrs. D. Oxner
Six pairs pillow-cases, two towels, two pairs drawers, four pairs hose, four pairs men’s slippers, six spoons, six teaspoons, one paper pins, one package cornstarch, spices, cloves, nutmegs, three mugs, three bars soap, four bottles blackberry wine, one bottle brandy peaches, preserves, jelly, one lot netting bandages.

Mrs. W. Rabb
Four papers flaxseed, one package gelatin, two pounds salt, grits, rice, sugar, old linen, wine, cordials, pickles, liquorices, rice flour, chloroform, two blankets, one pair sheets, cotton.

Mrs. T. S. DuBose
One jar preserves, twelve hospital sheets, eleven pairs drawers.

Mrs. S. McCants
Three shirts, two pairs socks, one mattress tick, two pillows, three sheets, one bedspread, six yards domestics, two pairs pillow-cases, one bottle Madeira wine, one bottle cologne, one bottle porter, one bottle Hive syrup, dried peaches, arrowroot, slippery elm, tapioca, five pounds Java coffee, one package soda.

Mrs. J. B. McCants
Six pillows, six pillow-slips, four shirts, four pairs drawers, six tablespoons, six teaspoons, six combs and brushes, bundle red pepper, sage, two bottles blackberry wine, cloth for bandages.

Mrs. E. Barber, Miss E. Cloud, Miss Dantzler, Mrs. K. Caldwell, and Mrs. W. K. Robertson – Six pairs woolen socks.
Six blankets. (To be held for the Boyce Guard until called for.)
Three blankets. (To be held for the Boyce Guard until called for.)
Five pairs socks. Eight pairs socks.

Mrs. W. W. Boyce, Mrs. DuBose, Mrs. Cook, Miss C. and Mrs. Yongue
Four bottles blackberry wine, one package herbs, four dressing-gowns, eight pairs woolen socks.
Two colored blankets, one white blanket.

Twenty pairs socks. Mrs. Wolfe
Two bottles brandy, one pair blankets.

Mrs. Tom Woodward, Mrs. Baum, Mrs. Boyce
Four pairs woolen socks.
Four pairs socks.
Four dressing-gowns, eight pairs socks, one bottle cordial, one catsup, two bottles fruit vinegar, one package plum, one package cornstarch, one package green sage, red pepper.

Miss Finney
Twelve pairs socks, eight pairs woolen socks.

Mrs. B. Lyles
Twelve woolen scarves, four pairs socks.

Miss Dantzler
Four pairs socks.

Miss Gaillard
Ten pairs socks.

Mrs. W. Robertson
Seven pairs socks.

Mrs. H. B. McMaster
Ten pairs socks. Mrs. Cook –
One pair socks, two neckties, herbs.

Mrs. J. S. Stewart
Three pairs socks.

Mrs. Dr. Aiken
Two shirts.

Mrs. L eland
One pair blankets.

Mrs. C. Cathcart
Four bottles brandy, four bottles whiskey.

Mrs. Boyce
Two bottles blackberry vinegar, one bottle cordial, one bottle catsup, one bottle brandy.

November, 1862.
Mrs. Boyce $1 .50
Mrs. Ladd 50

December, 1862.
Mrs. Lauderdale 5. 00
Mrs. W. Robertson 50
Mrs. Thompson 1 .00
Mrs. Wolfe 50
Mrs. Porcher .50
Mrs. Bratton 50
Mrs. Means 50
Miss DuBose 50
Miss Aiken 1.00
Miss E. Aiken 1 .00
Mrs. Rivers 5.00
Mrs. McMaster 5.00
Miss Crawford 50
Mrs. Horlbeck 5. 00

January, 1863.
Mrs. Boyce 1.00
Mrs. Ladd 50
Mrs. Fraser 1 .00
Miss Crawford 50
Mrs. Porcher 50
Mrs. Bratton 50
Mrs. Means 50
Miss DuBose 50
Mrs. Wolfe 50
Mrs. Cohen 50

February, 1863.
Mrs. Ladd 50
Mrs. W. Robertson 1.50
Mrs. Means 1.00
Mrs. Porcher 50
Miss Fraser 50
Miss Crawford 50

South Carolina Women in the Confederacy. Edited and Published By Mrs. Thomas Taylor, Chairman, Mrs. Smythe, Mrs. August Kohn, Miss Poppenheim, Miss Martha B. Washington, State Committee Daughters of the Confederacy. Columbia, South Carolina, The State Company, 1903.

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