The lists of missing and dead

Johnstown Flood Victims

List of dead and missing people in the Johnstown Pennsylvania Flood of 1889. To find out more information about this flood, view pictures and video, visit the main page: The Johnstown Pennsylvania Horror

Last Name, First, Age(if known) Address Buried

Abbreviations used in the list of dead and missing:

GCG:German Catholic Cemetery (Geistown)
GC-PL: Grandview Cemetery Private Lot
GC-PP: Grandview Cemetery Public Plot-Bodies found but not recovered by family/friends
GCS: German Catholic Cemetery (Sandyvale)
LYC: Lower Yoder Catholic Cemetery
Missing: Body Never Recovered
NCR: No Cemetery Record
OCG: Old Catholic Graveyard (Conemaugh Borough)
SC: Sandyvale Cemetery
SM: St. Mary’s Cemetery (Lower Yoder)

K Surnames

  1. Kalor, Mrs. Philapena, 67 Conemaugh Missing
  2. Kalor, Jamanes Conemaugh Missing
  3. Kalor, Jane Conemaugh Missing
  4. Kane, Bridget, 20 Market Street NCR
  5. Kane, John, 45 Union Street NCR
  6. Kane, Mrs. Lidia, 44 Union Street Missing
  7. Kane, Ellsworth, 18 Union Street Missing
  8. Kane, Laura, 15 Union Street Missing
  9. Kane, Willie, 12 Union Street Missing
  10. Kane, Dollie, 10 Union Street Missing
  11. Kane, Lester, 2 Union Street Missing
  12. Kane, John, 20 Cambria LYC
  13. Kane, Mary, 18 Cambria LYC
  14. Kane, Emma, 21 Prospect Missing
  15. Kane, Mrs. Ann, 60 Cambria City Missing
  16. Karns, Joseph, 50 Locust Street GC-PL
  17. Kast, Mrs. Charlotte, 43 Clinton Street Missing
  18. Kast, Clara, 17 Clinton Street GC-PP
  19. Katzenstein, Mrs. Ella Hulbert House Cumberland, MD
  20. Katzenstein, Edwin Hulbert House Cumberland, MD
  21. Kaylor, family of 4 (unknown) Missing
  22. Keedy, Harry, C., 30 Millville GC-PL
  23. Keedy, Mrs. Mary, 32 Millville GC-PL
  24. Keedy, Clay, 5 Millville Missing
  25. Keelan, Mrs. Catherine, 55 Cambria Missing
  26. Keelan, Daphne, 13 Cambria Missing
  27. Keelan, Edward Cambria Missing
  28. Keelan, Frank Cambria Missing
  29. Keenan, Mrs. Jane, 26 Washington Street Missing
  30. Keene, Mrs. Elizabeth, 60 Union Street Missing
  31. Keene, Katie, 16 Union Street GC-PP
  32. Kegg, William, E., 17 Locust Street GC-PL
  33. Kehoe, Thomas, 24 South Fork Missing
  34. Keifline, Mrs. Catherine, 56 Conemaugh GCS
  35. Keifline, Mary, 4 Conemaugh NCR
  36. Keifline, Philamena Conemaugh Missing
  37. Keighly, Mary, L., 52 Main Street GC-PL
  38. Keinxstoel, Samuel, 30 Market Street GC-PP
  39. Keiper, Essie, J., 24 Franklin GC-PL
  40. Keiper, Ralph, 5mo Franklin GC-PL
  41. Keis, Charles, A., 26 Conemaugh Harrisburg, PA
  42. Keis, Mrs. Caroline, 24 Railroad Street Missing
  43. Keis, infant Railroad Street Missing
  44. Kelly, Charles Millville NCR
  45. Kelly, Mary, M., 30 Millville Missing
  46. Kelly, Mary, C., 1 1/2 Millville Missing
  47. Kelly, Maggie, 17 days Millville Missing
  48. Kelly, Mrs. Ann, 45 Cambria Missing
  49. Kelly, John, W., 24 Cambria Missing
  50. Kenna, Mrs. Alice, B. (unknown) Butler, PA
  51. Kennedy, H.D., 32 Stoneycreek Street GC-PL
  52. Keohler, Mrs. Philomen, 87 Conemaugh Missing
  53. Keohler, William, 16 Conemaugh Missing
  54. Keyser, Mrs. John (unknown) GC-PL
  55. Keyser, Ralph (unknown) GC-PL
  56. Kidd, Joshua, 65 Walnut Street GC-PL
  57. Kidd, Mrs. Sarah, 60 Walnut Street GC-PL
  58. Kidd, Mrs. Jenny, 35 Walnut Street Missing
  59. Kidd, Laura, 5 Walnut Street Missing
  60. Kilgore, W. Alex., 52 Washington Street Greensburg, PA
  61. Kilgore, Mrs. W.A., 48 Washington Street Missing
  62. Kilgore, Jessie, 15 Washington Street Missing
  63. Kilgore, Fred, 12 Washington Street Missing
  64. Kilgore, Alex, 9 Washington Street Missing
  65. Kimble, Christ, 47 Clinton Street SC
  66. Kimble, Mrs. Christ, 43 Clinton Street Missing
  67. Kinder, Thomas, 40 Moxham Missing
  68. King, Mrs. James, 48 Broad Street Missing
  69. King, Katie, M., 24 Broad Street Missing
  70. King, James, 5 Broad Street Missing
  71. Kinley, Jane Bausman Alley Missing
  72. Kinney, Mrs. Mary, 50 Washington Street LYC
  73. Kinney, Mrs. Margaret, 31 Washington Street Missing
  74. Kinney, Mary Ellen, 12 Washington Street LYC
  75. Kinney, Agnes, 10 Washington Street Missing
  76. Kinney, 4 Washington Street Missing
  77. Kintz, Mrs. Mary, 26 Cambria SM
  78. Kintz, Teresa, 24 Cambria Missing
  79. Kintz, Katie, 19 Cambria SM
  80. Kintz, Mrs. Mary, 25 Cambria SM
  81. Kirby, Wm., 32 Washington Street LYC
  82. Kirby, Mrs. Lena, 25 Washington Street LYC
  83. Kirkbride, Mahlon, 33 Hager Block GC-PL
  84. Kirkbride, Mrs. Ida, 30 Hager Block GC-PL
  85. Kirkbride, Fannie, 11 Hager Block Missing
  86. Kirkbride, Luida, 8 Hager Block GC-PL
  87. Kirkbride, infant Hager Block Missing
  88. Kirkwood, Finley, 19 Conemaugh Missing
  89. Kirlin, Thomas, 40 Conemaugh Street GC-PL
  90. Kirlin, Mrs. Thomas, 32 Conemaugh Street Missing
  91. Kirlin, Eddie, 12 Conemaugh Street GC-PL
  92. Kirlin, Frank, 5 Conemaugh Street GC-PL
  93. Kirlin, Willie, 2 Conemaugh Street Missing
  94. Knable, John (unknown) Missing
  95. Knable, Leonard (unknown) Missing
  96. Knee, Geo., D., 54 Conemaugh SC
  97. Knoblespeice, Maggie (unknown) SM
  98. Knorr, Mrs. Mary, 45 Jackson Street GC-PL
  99. Knorr, Emma, 16 Jackson Street GC-PL
  100. Knorr, Bertha, 14 Jackson Street GC-PL
  101. Knox, Thomas, 54 Somerset Street Missing
  102. Knox, Mrs. Thomas, 45 Somerset Street GC-PL
  103. Koebler, Mrs. George, 60 Cambria SM
  104. Koenstyl, Samuel (unknown) GC-PL
  105. Kraft, Mrs. Maggie, 37 Walnut Street Missing
  106. Kraft, Herman, 12 Walnut Street Missing
  107. Kraft, Frederick, 10 Walnut Street Missing
  108. Kratzer, Mrs. Mary Market Street GC-PL
  109. Krieger, Katie (unknown) Missing
  110. Kropp, Katie, 21 Cambria SM
  111. Kunkle, Lizzie, 21 Washington Street NCR
  112. Kunkle, Katie, 19 Washington Street Missing
  113. Kuntz, Wade, 21 Morris Street GC-PL

Walker, James Herbert. The Johnstown Horror! or Valley of Death: being A Complete and Thrilling Account of the Awful Floods and Their Appalling Ruin. H. J. Smith & Co. 1889.

2 thoughts on “Johnstown Flood Victims”

  1. Mary Ellen Exton

    I need to know if it’s possible that John HENAHAN age 40 listed as a victim of the Johnstown Flood is actually Peter HANIHAN, age 30. Can anyone tell me if there is an original document listing the victims or some other way to determine if a mistake was made? Are there newspaper accounts listing who was missing and on which street they lived?
    Peter Hanihan was born about 1859 in Leechburg, Allegheny County, the son of Matthew Hanihan and Catherine Timmins Hanihan, He is listed in the 1887 Johnstown, Pennsylvania, City Directory as Peter HANNAHAN, a laborer who lived at 142 Brush Street. He would have been about 28 years old, then.
    Also listed as victims missing and never recovered are Mrs. Mary Henahan age 24, Mary Henahan age 7, Catherine Henahan age 4, and Frances Henahan age 1.
    A family story told to me by a cousin is that Peter Hanihan, my great great uncle, volunteered to help recover bodies after the flood and that he died of disease soon afterward. But, to date, I have not found a death or burial record for him, nor, unfortunately, a marriage record.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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