Rogers, George Monroe – Obituary

George Monroe Rogers born June 1, 1877 Tennessee died
May 10. 1852

George Rogers, long time public official in Wallowa County, died Saturday at the Wallowa Memorial Hospital, after two sieges of sickness which kept him from his Justice of Peace office in the courthouse for the past month. Funeral services were held at the Community Church in Enterprise on Tuesday afternoon. Mr. Rogers was 75 years of age.

Born in Tennessee he came west at the age of 30 and worked for nearly 15 years in sawmills. He was then State Game Warden for Wallowa County for 10 years, following that he was on the state police force until his retirement in 1947. Since that time, he has been justice of the peace. Mr. Rogers is survived by his wife, the former Margaret Huffman and her two daughters Nadine Leavens, Portland and Beverly Homan of Enterprise. Three brothers also survive.

As a law enforcement officer Mr. Rogers was zealous and impartial; as justice he was fair-minded and firm, exercising the wisdom garnered in many years of law enforcement work. He was employed by Nibley-Mimnaugh, in Wallowa, before taking up game warden work. Wallowa Record May 15, 1952

George Rogers, ex-sergeant of the Oregon State Police System, was stranded far out in the timber the other day. It seems that George had taken two five-gallon cans out with him in his car. One was full of water and the other contained gasoline. When George found his gas was getting low, he took one of the cans and emptied it in his gas tank. Yup, it was the can full of water. Hunters whom George had befriended in his police days rescued him from his predicament.

Wallowa County Chieftain October 30, 1947 Contributed by: Mary Burrows



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