History of Portland Oregon Public Safety

1879. Police Commissioners-R. R. Riley, Wm. Connell, P. Taylor. Police-L. Besser, chief: J. Sloan, J. W. Kelly, captains; H. M. Hudson, J. Jaskallar, P. G. Martin, P. Coakley, W. B. Daniels. J. W. Ryan, Richard Collins, Andrew Henline, C. Gritzmacher, James Stephens, Terry McManus, T. P. Luther. Special-M. F. Sheehan, B. Branch, F. M. Arnold, Wm. Hickey, S. C. Barton. Poundmaster -S. H. Reed.

1880. Commissioners-Peter Taylor, E. Corbett, S. G. Skidmore. Police-J. H. Lappeus, chief; James Sloan, C. Gritzmacher, captains; Benj. F. Goodwin, clerk; H. M. Hudson, detective; J. Jaskalla, D. J. Gillies, P. Coakley, C. S. Silver, S. C. Matthieu, R. Collins, J. P. Luther, A. Henline, James Stephenson, J. I. Watson, J. W. Sloan, John Burk. Specials-A. B. Brannan, Wm. Hickey, S. C. Barton, Benj. Branch, P. Saunders, Joseph Day, J. W. Ryan, C. P. Elwanger. Poundmaster-S. H. Reed.

1882. Commissioners on Health and Police-T. L. Nicklin, J. B. Kellogg, Henry Hewitt. Police Judge-S. B. Stearns; Police-J. H. Lappeus, chief; C. Gritz_ macher, C. T. Belcher, captains; B. F. Goodwin, clerk; H. M. Hudson, James’ Mott, Arthur M. Putnam, Peter Schulderman, Levi Wing, T. P. Luther, Alex. Johnson, James T. Watson, Chris. Emig, Richard Collins, D. W. Dobbins, Andrew Holmberg, Felix Martin, Simeon C. Balton, A. B. Brannan, Wm. Meyers, James Barry, John Ring, S. C. Matthieu, Orrin H. Smith, Andrew Henline, Benj. Branch.

1883. Commissioners on Health and Police-W. S. Scoggin, W. H. Adams, D. Mackay. Police Judge-S. A. Moreland. Police-J. H. Lappeus, chief; C. Gritzmacher, T. P. Luther, captains; H. M. Hudson, John Ring, Alex. Johnson, W. A. Beaumont, Felix Martin, W. W. Beach, Richard Collins, C. T. Belcher, A. B. Brannan, Levi Wing, Wm. Meyers, D. W. Dobbins, Benj. Branch, J. T. Watson, W. B. Bumpus, S. C. Barton, A. M. Putnam, Andrew Henline, Chris.. Emig, Orrin H. Smith, James A. Mott, J. N. James, Andrew Holmberg, J. F. Hair, James Barry.

1884. Commissioners on Health and Police-R. Gerdes, A. F. Sears, Jr., W. H. Andrus. Police Judge-S. A. Moreland. W. H. Watkinds, chief; John Neale, clerk; A. F. Turner, J. F. Hair, A. M. Cornelius, captains. Clerk of police, Chas. A. Christie; deputy, F. D. Love. Policemen-A. Henline, Geo. H. Ward, A. Johnson, S. S. Young, Levi Wing, E. C. Lyon, Andrew Holmberg, Pat Keegan, J. N. James, A. B. Brannan, H. M. Hudson, Wm. Myers, F. M. Arnold, Richard Collins, J. E. Cramer, S. C. Barston, W. A. Hart, W. A. Beaumont, J. T. Watson, J. R. E. Selby, James Barry, R. M. Stuart, A. M. Putnam, W. L. Higgins, O. H. Smith, J. T. Flynn. C. T. Belcher.

1886. Commissioners-B. P. Cardwell, Jonathan Bourne, Jr., Joseph Simon. Police Judge-R. W. Dement. S. P. Lee, Clerk; S. B. Parrish, Chief; C. Gritzmacher, J. F. Farrell, A. Henline, Captains; Health Officer-Felix Martin. Deputy Poundmaster-Henry Wilmer. Policemen-C. W. Holsapple, R. H. Austin, H. D. Griffin, J. M. Harkleroad, Henry Holland, J. H. Cunningham, Chris. Emig, Daniel Maher, A. Tichenor, W. M. Beach, Andrew Holmberg, J. N. James, H. M. Hudson, F. M. Arnold, W. A. Hart, J. H. Beyer, J. H. Molt, Ben. Branch, J. J. Byrne, J. T. Watson, James Barry, A. M. Putnam, O. H. Smith, C. L. Belcher, S. S. Young, J. H. Nash, Pat Keegan, Samuel Simmons, A. B. Brannan, Wm. Myers, Richard B. Collins, S. C. Barton, R. M. Stuart, P. J. McCabe, Felix Martin, Wm. Hickey, C. P. Elwanger, J. A. Kelly, G. C. Morgan.

1889. Commissioners-Joseph Simon, B. P. Cardwell. Judge-A. H. Tanner. S. B. Parrish, Chief of Police; C. Gritzmacher, R. H. Cardwell, Captains; Humane Officer-Felix Martin. Health Officer-S. B. Parrish. Deputy Poundmaster-Henry Wilmer. Policemen-R. H. Austin, James Barry, Ben. Bauch, J. J. Byrne, M. P. Charles, R. Collins, Jos. Day, Chris. Emig, J. F. Farrell, George Foss, H. D. Griffin. W. A. Hait, Wm. Hickie, C. E. Hoxsie, A. Holmberg, C. W. Holsapple, H. M. Hudson, J. H. James, J. F. Kerrigan, Dan Maher, Felix Martin, Sam Miller, J. A. Mott, G. C. Morgan, Wm. Meyers, N. M. Putnam, F. W. Robinson, Thos. Ryan, Abe Tichenor, J. T. Watson, H. S. Wood, Levi Wing, H. Wilmer, W. H. Warren, S. S. Young, S. P. Lee. 1

As indicating something of the business done at present in the police court, it may be mentioned that 2261 cases were tried (1888), of which 1669 were city cases, the rest State. Upwards of $8,000 in fines were collected.

Officially recognised by the police department, and favored with certain privileges-as special officer, or rooms in the city prison-are the Humane Society, for prevention of cruelty, and the Children’s Aid Society, of which an account will be found under the head of Benevolent Societies.

Fire Department

A sharp reminder that the city needed protection against the casualty of fire was given by the burning of the old steam saw mill at the foot of Jefferson street in 1853. In 1854 an ordinance was passed authorizing the formation and proper equipment of a fire company. This was a voluntary association of the citizens, who rendered their services freely. Much interest was felt in the movement, and public spirit kept the ranks well filled. The company was efficiently organized under H. W. Davis as Chief and Shubrick Norris as Assistant. At the election in 1856 Mr. Davis was continued as Chief, with Orin Joynt, Assistant. In 1857 S. J. McCormick was elected Chief and Charles Hutchins, Assistant. In 1858 the situation was reversed, Hutchins becoming Chief, with McCormick, Assistant. In 1858 some. changes of working were made, and J. M. Vansyckle was chosen Chief, with two assistants, Joseph Webber and F. Sherwood. Mr. Vansyckle was continued through 1859, with M. M. Lucas and J. A. Messinger. In that year, also, the service was rendered much more efficient by the purchase of a steel alarm bell, weighing 1,030 pounds and costing $515.15. It was placed in a tower on the levee. In 1860, and until 1863, Joseph Webber was Chief.

In 1860 an act was passed by the Legislature formally creating a Portland Fire Department, granting its members certain privileges, which it exceeded the power of the city government to confer. It was still to be a voluntary association with Chief and two assistants. These officers were to be chosen by vote of all the members of the company, and were to rank according to the number of votes they received, the three receiving the most votes being respectively Chief, and First and Second Assistants. The number of companies was not limited, but no company could be formed to contain less than 30 nor more than 75 members. The Chief was allowed to receive a small compensation of $300 a year. As an inducement to membership, a term of three years’ service entitled any member to become an ” exempt,” and by virtue of this fact he was relieved of jury duty and of service in the State Militia.

Under the stimulus of these privileges, and by reason of general public spirit, the fire companies flourished greatly, almost every able-bodied man of proper age belonging to some one of them. The various companies were emulous of each other, each aiming to be first in numbers, efficiency and in elegance of dress. They ever were ready to participate in public display and festivities. They were prompt and active in their work, and were the means of saving property and life for many years. With serviceable engines and sufficient houses and good teams, they were a fine body of men either for parade or action. There were four engine companies, Willamette, Multnomah, Columbian and Protection, and the Vigilance Hook and Ladder Company. A list of the officers and members for 1864 is herewith given, partly to record the names of the firemen and partly as a record of citizens who might not otherwise appear in this work.

Active Members

Willamette Engine Company No. 1 Organized Aug. 3, 1853.

Officers—P. C. Schuyler, Jr., foreman; Jas Bothwell, first assistant; Jos. Bergman, second assistant; Shubrick Norris, president; Richard B. Knapp, secretary; Harris Seymour, treasurer.

Members-S. N. Arrigoni, L. A. Godard, J. M. Marble, P. C. Schuyler, Jr., Wiliam Beck, Asa Harker, T. T. Minor, S. S. Slater, D. W. Burnside, F. Harbaugh, Patrick Maher, Jacob Stitzel, M. S. Burrell, W. L. Higgins, E. J., Northrup, James Sidden, H. F. Bloch, Charles Hutchins, Shubrick Norris, Frank Stribeg, Cincinnati Bills, P. D. W. Hardenburg, J. P. Null, J. C. VanRenssalaer, Jos. Bergman, R. B. Knapp, E. W. Nottage, C. M. Wiberg, James Bothwell, Samuel Kline, Robert Porter, Joseph Webber, W. D. Carter, W. S. Ladd, E. B. Pressey, J. O. Waterman, I. W. Case, C. H. Lewis, C. C. Perkins, John S. White, Wm. A. Daly, John Lillis, W. F. Paquet, Zeph Weitz, Lewis Day, J. DeLetts, A. J. Remington, A. G. Walling, Henry Failing, George T. Myers, Harris Seymour, Geo. H. Williams, F. S. Fitzgerald, Wm. McMillan, S. D. Smith, W. K. Witherell, G. W. Fuller, John McLaughlin, S. M. Smith, W. H. Weed, M. F. Gallagher, J. J. Meagher.

Multnomah Engine Company No. 2. Organized in August, 1856.

Officers-A. B. Hallock; foreman; T. B. Trevitt, first assistant; S. Skidmore, second assistant; A. J. Butler, president; Ben L. Norden, secretary; A. C. Ripley, treasurer.

Members Joseph Butchel, A. Zieber, D. D. Orton, T. McF. Patton, Thomas A. Davis, L. Waterman, E. J. DeHart, J. H. Frank, R. S. Perkins, H. Ludwig, T. B. Scott, John Howe, J. W. Seller, W. V. Spencer, A. McKew, J. R. Foster, L. C. Millard, J. W. Davis, Samuel Hallowell, J. W. Failing, L. Baum, E. T. Reese, C. H. Myers, Scott, A. H. Johnson, James Straug, J. Painter, B. F. Goodwin, Joseph Tucker, John Gruber, Charles F. Powell, A. B. Stewart, James Costello, H. Rosenfield, T. Rogers, S. B. Parrish, H. E. Cutter, John Estabrooks, W. H. D. Joyce, J. Bachman, J. Molthrop, T. E. Byrnes, C. H. Hill, F. Eastabrooks, N. Wertheimer, J. E. Bent-ley, William I. Holmes, I. Bergmann, P. Cohen, Samuel Sherlock, Ben. Needham, J. E. Walsh, L. M. Starr, B. Loeb, A. J. Rowland, George Gans, A. B. Elfelt, F. M. Plummer, Dan. Fewtrell, John Barrett, C. A. Burchardt, Wash. I. Leonard, William Kapus, M. Peterson, Charles Binder, Wm. I. McEwan, William F. Cornell, R. B. Peterson.

Columbian Engine Company No. 3. Organized June 18, 1859.

Officers-William B. Clark, foreman; John P. Denison, first assistant; William Young, second assistant; John A. Thompson, president; Hamilton Boyd, secretary; H. Wasserman, treasurer.

Members-William Dellinger, D. Steinback, Isaac Foster, Charles Logus, Geo. F. Townsend, Thomas G., Young, J. 2. Castle, Thomas Hartness, R. Fitzgerald, John D. Yates, Thomas Gleunon, Thomas Crowley, Peter Burk, James Mitchell, R. M. Smith, John Rose, Thomas Nealy, Alex. Dodge, Geo. W. McKinney, William H. Wetzell, James D. Kelly, C. Francis, J. J. Berlieu, Thomas L. Watson, C. Nolan, C. Elwert, John Thomas, J. S. B. Jewett, Charles Farley, T. C. Malone, A. M. Sharkey, Wm. D. ‘ Webster, A. B. Brannan, George A. Price, F. Fisher, C. B. Croute, J. Koenig.

Protection Engine Company No. 4. Organized in November, 1862.

Officers—Fred. W. Bell, foreman; James H. Rochford, first assistant; Henry G. Miller, second assistant; H. W. Davis, president; Morris Moskowitz, secretary, Samuel C. Mill, treasurer.

Members-Henry Ballou, Fred Dorre, A. Rosenheim, K. Thomas, John D. Thorn-ton, Robert Murray, B. Hangren, T. Johnson, G. McKibben, J. W. Payne, John Walker, H. Engel, John Lawler, S. L. Shwarts, R. Hendrie, M. Aron, Robert Dale, J. Hardy, J. B. King, John Godfrey, John Burns, Leon Girardot, Dan. J. Mularke, Ferdinand Opitz, Charles Mappes, W. N. Patten.

Vigilance Hook and Ladder Company No. 1.

Officers—M. Jaretzsky, foreman; James Farrell, first assistant; John Ewry, second assistant; J. McCraken, president; E. W. McGraw, secretary; E. G. Randall, treasurer.

Members-F. M. Arnold, Frank Dekum, C. F. Keuhn, A. Strong, Peter Bem, J. Donovan, M. M. Lucas, M. Seller, A. Baer, D. Farg Ally, E. Lownois, C. Schuch, W. Baker, H. Gans, T. J. Holmes, J. W. Smith, O. K. Blakely, C. A. Haas, L. R. Martin, Thomas M. Temple, George Bottler, J. B. Harker, W. Marony, J. Thompson, L. Cahn, D. H. Hendee, P. McQuade, T. Wethered, J. Cohen, G. L. Henry, V. Paris. N. Weisenberger, G. T. Cooper, H. Hymen, Geo. C. Robbins, E. Zatfudes.

In 1865 Joseph Buchtel was Chief. The Willamette No. 1 numbered 52 members; the Multnomah Company, 47; the Columbian, 50; the Protection, 48; the Hook and Ladder Company, 48; and the Exempts, 32.Citations:

  1. As the force is continued much the same from year to year, it has been thought unnecessary to give the list for every year.[]

Harvey Whitefield Scott. History of Portland, Oregon: with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Prominent Citizens and Pioneers. Portland, Oregon. D. Mason & Company, 1890.

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