Alsea Tribe

Alsea Indians (corruption of Alsi´, the aboriginal name). A Yakonan tribe formerly occupying a small territory at and about the mouth of Alsea River, western Oregon.  Little is known of the early history of the tribe of which there are now only a dozen survivors on the Siletz Reservation, Oregon.  According to Dorsey 1 the following are the former Alsea villages:

North of Alsea River:

  • Kakhtshanwaish
  • Kaukhwan
  • Khlokhwaiyutslu
  • Kutauwa
  • Kyamaisu
  • Mekumtk
  • Shiuwauk
  • Tachuwit
  • Yukhais

South Side of the river:

  • Chiink
  • Kauhuk
  • Khlimkwaish
  • Klbusht
  • Kwamk
  • Kwulisit
  • Panit
  • Skhakhwaiyutslu
  • Thiekuhweyuk
  • Thlekushauk
  • Yahach

Milhau (in letter to Gibbs) gave Neahumtuk as an Alsea village at the mouth of Alsea River, which has not been identified.Citations:

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Alsea, Yankton,

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