James M. Meeks, Choctaw

James M. Meeks Et Al.,
Dawes Commission, No. ___

August 7, 1899. Appeared before Commissioner McKennon at Calvin, Ind. T., and applied for enrollment. The commissioner asked but one question bearing upon his right to enrollment. He asked if the applicants were upon the tribal rolls and upon the applicant replying that he was not on the tribal rolls the commissioner informed him that his enrollment would be refused.

June 6, 1900. Again appeared before the commission at Atoka, at which time a hearing was had which developed the following facts:

J. M. Meeks is the son of Seamon Meeks, who married a Choctaw woman in the State of Mississippi and removed to the Choctaw Nation in the early days. J. M. Meeks and his brother. Jacob Meeks, were born in Scullyville County, Choctaw Nation, but J. M. Meeks left the nation after growing into manhood and remained out until 1897, when he returned. He has lived continuously in the nation since that time. His brother. Jacob Meeks, and his family are on the final rolls of the Choctaw Nation. No. 15737.

August 29, 1900. The commission rendered a decision denying the application for enrollment on the ground that as the applicants name did not appear upon the rolls of the nation the commission was, by the act of May 31, 1900, precluded from enrolling them.

Statement Bt Counsel

As J. M. Meeks was born a citizen of the Choctaw Nation and had removed to and in good faith settled in the nation prior to June 28, 1898, as required by act of Congress of that date, and being unquestionably of Indian blood, he should have been enrolled by the commission in 1899 under authority conferred upon the commission by the act of June 28, 1898. There should also have been enrolled Joseph H. Brunton, the grandson of Jacob Meeks above referred to as No. 15737 on the approved Choctaw roll. The mother of this boy died August 12, 1894. She was the daughter of Jacob Meeks. The child’s father took him out of the nation January 15, 1895, and he returned after March 4, 1907, and before he reached his majority.

Those entitled to enrollment are: J. M. Meeks and his children; Mary E. Pointer (nee Meeks); Nancy J. Summers (nee Meeks); J. W. Meeks: J. A. Meeks; K. A. Meeks; J. S. Meeks and children, Novella and Ruby; F. E. Meeks and children. W. M., L. T., J. M., L. E., Alva and Lillian M.; Mary Ann (Meeks) Gist, now deceased, together with her children, Jacob M., Nora B., and James H., and grandson, William M. Standrige: Austin Meeks; Vinnie Meeks; Joseph Brunton, grandson of Jacob Meeks And also the family of C. W. Meeks, who were before Judge Pollock, of the department, in 1910. Also the families of Amanda Meeks and J. H. Meeks, blood relatives of Jacob Meeks.

Respectfully submitted.
Ballinger & Lee,
Walter S. Field, Attorneys for Claimants.


Choctaw, History,

United States Congress. Five Civilized Tribes In Oklahoma, Reports of the Department of the Interior and Evidentiary Papers in support of S. 7625, a Bill for the Relief of Certain Members of the Five Civilized Tribes in Oklahoma, Sixty-second Congress, Third Session. Department of the Interior, United States. 1913.

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  1. James Matthew Meeks is my biological father as I found out 1 to 2 years ago. Can I be placed on the rolls of this family? My uncle has a number apparently. Not sure if my father ever got his straightened out or not?

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