Biography of Percy Wyley

(See Lynch, Buffington, Wyly). -While yet the harp twanged in Tara’s Hall and the pride and pomp of feudal Ireland vied in the jousts of their own kingdom; one of their proudest and noblest families were the Lynches, and their great Castle a salon of patriotism and pleasure. Today the castle stands an ivy covered ruin about which you will be told long before you reach its home country and the mystic legends recounted about it would fill a goodly set of quarto volumes.

But where are the Lynches, the proud and self contained race that would never bend a free born neck to prince or tyrant? They are dispersed over the world and if you could segerate them you would find them high and low in the governments of the world, earnestly, honestly doing their duties at it presented to them.

Jeter Lynch, a scion of this distinguished family married Nancy, the eldest daughter of General Joseph and Mrs. Susannah Martin in 1799.

Mr. and Mrs. Lynch’s fifth child was John Adair Bell. The family of Joshua acid Sabra, who married Joshua Buffington and Sabra Buffington, were: William Wirt, John Ross, Daniel Webster, Eliza and Mary Jane Buffington, the latter was born in 1840. She married February 11, 1858 Robert Fletcher Wyley born September 15, 1827 in Habersham County, Georgia.

He was elected judge of Delaware District in 1877, 1879, 1881 and 1883. Elected Editor of the Cherokee Advocate in 1889 and Attorney General of the Cherokee Nation in 1897. He died November 5, 1903. Mr. Wyly died June 4, 1902. Judge Wyly was an extraordinary handsome type of the gentlemen of the old south, standing over six feet in height with a benignant and intelligent countenance, well poised, he seemed to always have the proper courtly expression tempered by a gallant kindness of heart that commanded admiration and respect.

Judge Robert F. and Mrs. Wyly were the parents of Percy, married December 10, 1835; Ida Frances Harmon, born March 11, 1869; Robert Lee; Julia who married James Bluford Johnston; Capitola Virginia who married Mangnus Allen McSpadden; Albert Sidney who married Lillian Alexander; William Buffington who married Cora Archer McNair and Zoe Augustus who married Thomas Jefferson Watts.

Percy Wyly was born February 8, 1861. He was elected sheriff of Delaware District in 1889. He was chosen as delegate to Washington in 1890 and when the time came to negotiate for the final dissolution of their tribal rights the Nation felt the necessity of choosing some of their most trustworthy men for that duty and Percy Wyly was one of the six men honored with this trust.

Percy and Ida Frances Wyly are the parents of: James Robert, born July 26, 1886; Leah, born October 13, 1888 and Thurman Wyly born July 19, 1891.


Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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  1. Any spelling other than Wyly is incorrect. Our name has been misspelled more times than I can tell you. Even our close friends occasionally misspell it. I have seen it as Wylie, Wiley, Wily, Whiley, and it seems a few others. We would appreciate correction of any reference to the Tahlequah, Ok Wyly’s or their ancestors to the proper spelling.

    Thank you ,
    Mark M. Wyly, Grandson of W.B. Wyly, Great Grandson of R.F. Wyly.

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