Biographical Sketch of Mrs. Basil Nall

(See Grant and Duncan) -Joella, daughter of Joseph Lynch Thompson and Frances B. Kell was born in Texas November 27, 1866, educated at Vinita.

Married February 1, 1893, Basil Laskin Nall, son of Larkin and Rebecca Nall, born in, Washington County, Arkansas. February 1, 1857.

They are the parents of Dora Ella, born December 8, 1893; Josie Esther, born December 22, 1895, married at Vinita, September 22, 1915 N. B. Kerr; Georgia born February 14, 1902, and Mary Alice Nall, born April 3, 1906.

The Nalls and Kerr are farmers and live near Pensacola.

Nannie, the daughter of Brigadier General Joseph Martin married Jeter Lynch a member of the Irish nobility and they were the parents of Maria Lynch who married Jeter Thompson and they were the parent of Joseph Lynch Thompson who married Frances B. Kell.

Basil L. and Joella Noll’s oldest daughter Dora Ella was married to John Lewis Warner December 10, 1911 and had two children, Herchel Ray, born Sept. 5, 1912 and Basil Bert was born Nov. 28, 1914.


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