Biographical Sketch of D. W. Vann

(See Downing)-Daniel Webster, son of James and Elizabeth (Heaton) Vann was born October 12, 1845 in Cherokee Nation. Enlisted in Company M First Cherokee Mounted Volunteers, Confederate service July 12, 1862 and on reorganization in 1863 he joined company C the First Cherokee Mounted Rifles in which he served until the end of the war.

He married Nancy Jane Riley, born Nov. 27, 1847. She died soon after their marriage and he married October 6, 1870 Clarinda Vann Rowe, born January 16, 1851. She died July 28, 1903.

They were the parents of: Joseph Rowe, born June 1, 1871 and died April 13, 1890; Ada Archer born December 7, 1879 married Thomas Jackson McPherson, David Webster born January 24, 1883 married Mary Beatrice Alberty; Clarinda Alice born January 24, 1886 and William Claude Vann born August 23, 1888.

Daniel Webster Vann was elected Councilor from Cooweescoowee District August 1, 1885 August 5, 1887 and August 5, 1895. His life has been characterized by fidelity to his ideals and unswerving earnest honesty.

Avery Vann a white man married Peggy McSwain a quarter blood Cherokee and their daughter Elizabeth born November 2, 1820 married David Rowe, born April 2, 1820. Was elected judge of the Northern Circuit of the Cherokee Nation, August 2, 1875. died April 27, 1891 and she died December 11, 1896. They were the parents of: Clarinda Vann Rowe who married Daniel Webster Vann.


Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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