1924 Bloomfield Seminary Student List

In the fall of 1847, John Harpole Carr was appointed him to superintend the construction of buildings known afterward as “Bloomfield Academy,” in the Choctaw Nation. He was afterward appointed superintendent of the school. This establishment of the first missionary boarding school for girls among the Chickasaws.

The Board contributed one third and the Nation two thirds of all the money used for the current expenses of the school. There never was any average attendance calculated for we always kept our number filled, whether it was twenty-five, thirty-five, forty-five or sixty. Whenever there was a vacancy through sickness or any other cause for any length of time, another was waiting to step in. The trustees were the superintendent of missions, the Rev. John Harrell on behalf of the Church, and two Chickasaws on behalf of the Nation.

Following the firing on Fort Sumpter, the whole South was in arms, and many of the fathers of our girls enlisted. Their first act was to take their daughters home. So, in May of that scholastic year, Bloomfield Academy, as it had been, was no more. (Chronicles of Oklahoma)

1924 Bloomfield Seminary Student List

NameTribePost Office
Alberson, AgnesChickasawStonewall, Oklahoma
Allison, VadareChickasawStonewall, Oklahoma
Atkins, HattieChickasawFranks, Oklahoma
Boheer, DorothyChickasawPittsburg, Oklahoma
Boheer, UrsulaChickasawPittsburg, Oklahoma
Bostwick, Willie DellChickasawWoodville, Oklahoma
Brown, AngleChickasawSulphur, Oklahoma
Brown. LeonaChickasawWaynnewood,Oklahoma
Brown, LucyChickasawFranks, Oklahoma
Brown, RubyChickasawWynnewood,Oklahoma
Bowlin, FayChickasawMadill, Oklahoma
Bowlin, DorothyChickasawMadill, Oklahoma
Burris, LourenaChickasawMadill, Oklahoma
Burris, JuanitaChickasawMadill, Oklahoma
Cass, VictoriaChickasawWapanucka,Oklahoma
Capes, OlineChickasawIsal Springs, Oklahoma
Chase, CallieChickasawMilo, Oklahoma
Conway, NoraChickasawWilburn, Oklahoma
Colbert, LeonaChickasawWaynnewood,Oklahoma
Colbert, RamonaChickasawWaynnewood,Oklahoma
Colbert, JosephineChickasawFranks, Oklahoma
Colbert, WinnieChickasawFranks, Oklahoma
Collins, ElaineChickasawDurant, Oklahoma
Collins, FrancilleChickasawDurant, Oklahoma
Collins, HazelChickasawDurant, Oklahoma
Cravatt, OraChickasawDavis, Oklahoma
Cravatt, LillianChickasawAda, Oklahoma
Cravatt, MinnieChickasawAda, Oklahoma
Cravatt, RenaChickasawAda, Oklahoma
Columbus, LillianChickasawTishomingo,Oklahoma
Columbus, Mary BelleChickasawTishomingo,Oklahoma
Courtney, AliceChickasawAda, Oklahoma
Cline, MildredChickasawDurant, Oklahoma
Cline, EmmelineChickasawDurant, Oklahoma
Cline, LouiseChickasawDurant, Oklahoma
Crummy, JewelChickasawOakland, Oklahoma
Culberson, MinnieChickasawMilburn, Oklahoma
Davis, CleliaChickasawMead, Oklahoma
Davis, FrankieChickasawMead, Oklahoma
Davis, WinnonaChickasawMead, Oklahoma
Duncan, LucretiaChickasawMarsden, Oklahoma
Fillmore, FlorenceChickasawMilburn, Oklahoma
Folsom, RenaChickasawAda, Oklahoma
Foraker, AdaChickasawSulphur, Oklahoma
Foraker, Jessie MayChickasawSulphur, Oklahoma
Foraker, NonaChickasawSulphur, Oklahoma
Frazier, RoseChickasawAda, Oklahoma
Frasier, RubyChickasawMill Creek, Oklahoma
Gibson, VivianChickasawStonewall, Oklahoma
Grayson, HazelChickasawBromide, Oklahoma
Grayson, OpalChickasawBromide, Oklahoma
Grayson, VadaChickasawAda, Oklahoma
Griffin, EuniceChickasawBromide, Oklahoma
Grinslade, DollieChickasawKemp, Oklahoma
Grinslade, RuthChickasawKemp, Oklahoma
Hamilton, IreneChickasawMill Creek, Oklahoma
Hamilton, LottieChickasawAda, Oklahoma
Harris, ArabellaChickasawMill Creek, Oklahoma
Harris, GracieChickasawMill Creek, Oklahoma
Harris, MyrtleChickasawMill Creek, Oklahoma
Harris, QuincyChickasawMill Creek, Oklahoma
Harrison, MinnieChickasawMead, Oklahoma
Hawkins, AdeliaChickasawMill Creek, Oklahoma
Hawkins, HattieChickasawMill Creek, Oklahoma
Hawkins, FlorenceChickasawAda, Oklahoma
Hays, RoseChickasawFranks, Oklahoma
Hayward, LorenaChickasawNew Wilson, Oklahoma
Hayward, MildredChickasawNew Wilson, Oklahoma
Hearrell, NovaChickasawMilburn, Oklahoma
Hughes, CordeliaChickasawTishomingo,Oklahoma
Hughes, Ida BelleChickasawTishomingo,Oklahoma
Hughes, VannoyChickasawTishomingo,Oklahoma
Jacobs, MargaretChickasawDennison, Oklahoma
Jacobs, OliveChickasawDennison, Oklahoma
James, JuanitaChickasawWynnewood,Oklahoma
James, LylahChickasawWapanucka,Oklahoma
Johnson, EllenChickasawAda, Oklahoma
Keno, DaphneChickasawOklahoma City, Oklahoma
Keno, FrancesChickasawOklahoma City, Oklahoma
Keno, LelaChickasawOklahoma City, Oklahoma
Keel, MozellChickasawBomar, Oklahoma
Lassiter, LucyChickasawKingston, Oklahoma
Lassiter, MarthaChickasawKingston, Oklahoma
Land, NaomiChickasawRoff, Oklahoma
Land, MarcelionsChickasawRoff, Oklahoma
Lavers, FenellaChickasawArdmore, Oklahoma
Lewis, MarcelusChickasawTishomingo,Oklahoma
Love, HelenChickasawMead, Oklahoma
Love, Mary JaneChickasawMead, Oklahoma
Love, MyrtieChickasawCalera, Oklahoma
Massey, LinnieChickasawAchilles, Oklahoma
Massey, Lou BelleChickasawAchilles, Oklahoma
McLane, SylviaChickasawAda, Oklahoma
McCarter, RosettaChickasawStonewall, Oklahoma
McElory, KatherineChickasawAda, Oklahoma
Mead, EvelynChickasawDurant, Oklahoma
Mead, VeraChickasawDurant, Oklahoma
Melville, SallieChickasawAda, Oklahoma
Monroe, LizzieChickasawAda, Oklahoma
Neal, ElmaChickasawMill Creek, Oklahoma
Ned, FannieChickasawMadill, Oklahoma
Ned, LoisChickasawMadill, Oklahoma
Ned, ViolaChickasawMadill, Oklahoma
Ned, SerenaChickasawMadill, Oklahoma
Nelson, ElsieChickasawDavis, Oklahoma
Norma, KatherineChickasawArdmore, Oklahoma
Orr, MarieChickasawPurcell, Oklahoma
Osborne, PrentissChickasawAchille, Oklahoma
Pershica, GraceChickasawEaville, Oklahoma
Pershica, WilcieChickasawEaville, Oklahoma
Perry, VirginiaChickasawFranks, Oklahoma
Perry, LucilleChickasawAda, Oklahoma
Perkins, ElvaChickasawCalera, Oklahoma
Perkins, ZeldaChickasawCalera, Oklahoma
Pitchlynn, HelenChickasawCaddo, Oklahoma
Pitchlynn, LillianChickasawCaddo, Oklahoma
Pitchlynn, NaomiChickasawCaddo, Oklahoma
Pitchlynn, RuthChickasawCaddo, Oklahoma
Post, WillieChickasawMead, Oklahoma
Price, Eva MayChickasawDavis, Oklahoma
Price, CecilChickasawDavis, Oklahoma
Reeder, CharlesChickasawArdmore, Oklahoma
Reeder, JuliaChickasawArdmore, Oklahoma
Reeder, SophiaChickasawArdmore, Oklahoma
Reeder, StellaChickasawArdmore, Oklahoma
Seely, MabelChickasawFillmore, Oklahoma
Seely, MaggieChickasawFillmore, Oklahoma
Shico, HelenChickasawFillmore, Oklahoma
Smith, CorinneChickasawFillmore, Oklahoma
Sharp, MildredChickasawMillburn, Oklahoma
Stamps, EssieChickasawWapanucka,Oklahoma
Stamps, LeonaChickasawWapanucka,Oklahoma
Stick, EvaChickasawSulphur, Oklahoma
Stick, TenaChickasawSulphur, Oklahoma
Taylor, EllenChickasawMill Creek, Oklahoma
Thomas, Dorothy JeanChickasawTishomingo, Oklahom
Thomas, LewellynChickasawTishomingo,Oklahoma
Tyson, RubyChickasawMill Creek, Oklahoma
Tyubby, LouiseChickasawMill Creek, Oklahoma
Worsham, BernieceChickasawWilson, Oklahoma
Wisdom, RosannaChickasawConnerville,Oklahoma
Wood, ZellChickasawMelrose, Oklahoma

[box]Source: Microfilm copies of Narrative and Statistical Reports for the Bloomfield Seminary, 1912-1930, are included in National Archives Microcopy M1011, Roll 6, available in the National Archives system and in the collections of the Family History Library in Salt Lake City.[/box]

Choctaw Nation,


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