Roll Of Captain Asa Hinckles’ Company

(Probably Butler County)

Served from Aug. 11, 1812, until Nov. 30, 1812, and from Jan. 1 until Feb. 15, 1813.

Capt. Asa Hinckle
Lieut. Benaiah Ayres
Ensign James Cummins
Setgt. Thomas Richey
Sergt. James Burns
Sergt. Calvan Tipman
Sergt. Joseph McNight
Corp. John Ferris
Corp. Garnit Swallow
Corp. Lewis Drake
Corp. Daniel Hunter
Musician, William H. Wilcox


Beard, Samuel
Bonnel, Lewis
Boys, Ezekial
Brexcunt, David
Brown, David
Clark, John
Cosbey, Samuel
Cosbey, Thomas
Danford, William
Denman, Nathaniel
Graham, Isaac
Haney, George
Hinckle, Henry
Hinckle, John
Hinckle, Ziba
Kennedy, David
Larne, Moses
Line, Joseph
Mathers, James
McClellan, William
Meland, James
Moncrief, Caleb
Morris, Daniel
Morse, John
Murdock, John
Murdock, William
Nichols, Lenester
Nichols, Prosper
Pierson, Lewis
Redenbaugh, Adam
Redenbaugh, George
Redenbaugh, Jeremiah
Redenbaugh, John
Redenbaugh, Phillip
Redingban, Frederick
Rian, Martin
Rickey, John
Riker, Jacob
Riker, Thomas
Riker, William
Runion, Isaac
Sampson. John
Sipe, Charles
Stirlen, James
Thompson, Joseph
Thornbill, William
White, Benjamin

War of 1812,

Butler County OH,

Ohio. Adjutant General's Office. Roster of Ohio soldiers in the War of 1812. Columbus, Ohio: Press of the Edward T. Miller Co. 1916.

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