Roll Of Capt. William Wilson’s Company

(Probably from Ross Co.)

Served from March 3, until August 15, 1814.

Capt. William Wilson
Lieut. Cornelius Stringer
Ensign, William Miller
Sergt. Samuel Lamberson
Sergt. Stephen Mahaffey
Sergt. John Oslin
Sergt. Benjamin Stephenson
Corp. Joseph Watson
Corp. James Armstrong
Corp. Thomas Owens
Corp. James Tulk
Fifer, Thomas Mathews


Allfather, Adam
Anderson, Mark
Babb, Bell
Barbaugh, Samuel
Beamer, Adam
Beers, Thomas
Beyner, George
Black, Joseph
Bontsong, Jonothan
Bowen, Constant
Bronkart, Louis
Carr, Peter
Cline, Phillip
Cockrill, Joseph
Coss, David
Daugherty, David
Davis, John H.
Dowl, John
Dunkin, James
Fareare, John
Foreman, David
Gardner, Isaac
Gibbs, Isaac
Hall, John
Harding, Israel
Henell, Christopher
Hilhouse, John
Holmes, Thomas
James, David
Jefferrs, Thomas
Kasebeer, Samuel
Kruger, John
Long, William
Longley, George
Maple, David
Mathews, James
McHenry, David
McHutens, James
McKee, John
Morris, George
Nixon, Andrew
Norris, Charles
Parr, Thomas
Parr, William
Prewith, William
Romine, Abraham
Sickman, Luke
Sly, John
Smith, John
Sreak, Jacob
Stent, George
Sullaven, George
Summers, Isaac
Swyer, George
Taylor, Samuel
Turel, John
Waggoner, David
Watson, Robert
Williams, James
Wilson, James
Woodward, William

War of 1812,

Ross County OH,

Ohio. Adjutant General's Office. Roster of Ohio soldiers in the War of 1812. Columbus, Ohio: Press of the Edward T. Miller Co. 1916.

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