Roll Of Capt. William Kilgore’s Company

(County Unknown)

Served from February 16 until April 16, 1814. Part served until August 16, 1816.

Capt. William Kilgore
Lieut. James Krusen
Ensign, William Holloway
Lieut. Aaron Foster
EnsIgn, Charles Wells
Sergt. James McArthur
Sergt. Richard Berry
Sergt. George Kerr
Sergt. Samuel Johnson
Sergt. William T. Ricords
Sergt. Martin Peterson
Sergt. John Haner
Sergt. Thomas Nichols
Sergt. James Gilruth
Sergt. William Robinson
Corp. James Dean
Corp. Mathew Young
Corp. Clement Ledman
Corp. Charles Green
Corp. Samuel White
Corp. John Hoddey
Corp. Morgan Osburn
Corp. Thomas E. Johnson
Corp. Nathan Reiley
Corp. Daniel Reiley
Corp. Randy Cannon
Corp. George Armon
Corp. Samuel Arnold
Corp. Shadrack Bowen
Corp Charles Benett


Anderson, John
Arman, George
Arnold, Samuel
Barker, John
Bennett, Isaac
Blair, Thomas
Boots, Jacob
Bowen, Gardner
Bowen, Shadrack
Bradley, Owen
Bradon, Robert
Brewer, James
Brunt, Jonothan
Bush, Daniel
Campbell, William.
Carey, Abraham
Christy, Joel
Church, Joel
Clark, James
Clark, Thomas
Clarke, Simon
Coder, Simeon
Coil, Thomas
Cooper, William
Corey, Abraham
Corey, John
Cremead, Smith
Crull, Henry
Davis, Benjamin
Davis, John
Davis, Lewis
Day, Overton
Dearborn, Nathan
Depew, George
Devorss, John
DeWitt, George
Dooley, Samuel
Emery, James
Fergana, Daniel
Finimore, John
Foulkeson, John
Frye, Joseph
Gilliland, Hugh
Gilmore, Robert
Gilmore, William
Gooden, Daniel
Grady, John
Gragg, William
Gray, James G
Green, Charles
Green, Samuel
Grimes, John
Groves, John
Hair, Daniel
Hannon, John
Harris, Amos
Hasselton, Daniel
Hasselton, David
Hayes, Andrew
Headley, George
Hison, Daniel
Hoffman, Leonard
Holland, William
Holt, William
Hood, Edward
Hopkins, David
Jacobs, Elijah
Jameson, Jacob
King, John
Kirkpatrick, David
Lafton, John
Lane, William
Laslin, John
Ledmore, Clement
Logue, John
Mains, William
Mark, John
Mason, Owen
Mathews, Samuel
Mathews, Thomas
Mathias, Samuel
McCandless, Hugh
McCandless, Nathaniel
McCartney, Duke
McClure, Michael
McCord, John
McLaughlin, William
Miller, George M
Moots, Jacob
Moses, Thomas
Mounts, Enoch
Mounts, Joseph
O’Brien, Charles
Painter, Elias
Patterson, John
Peacock, Ezeklal
Pool, Edward
Powers, Michael
Prior, Griffith
Razell, Barzilla
Reiley, Nathan
Rinely, Daniel
Robison, James
Roe, John
Roi, Zechariah
Russell, Bazil
Russell, James
Ryan, Messack
Scroggs, Alexander
Seabrell, Nicholas
Selden, Spencer
Shane, Daniel
Spencer, Seldon
Stingley, Leonard
Swanzy, John
Swine, John
Swinney, John
Taylor, Nehemiah
Timmons, Ell
Todhunter, Thomas
Vandamen, Conrad
Walker, John
Ware, Daniel
Webb, Jehiel
Webb, John
Webb, William
Wells, Squire
West, James
Williams, Calvin
Williams, Ezekial
Windall, Joseph
Wonstaff, Daniel
Wood, Conley
Woodall, Cosby
Wright, John

War of 1812,

Ohio. Adjutant General's Office. Roster of Ohio soldiers in the War of 1812. Columbus, Ohio: Press of the Edward T. Miller Co. 1916.

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