Roll Of Capt. Timothy Titus’ Company

(Probably from Miami County)

Served from September 4, 1813, until March 14, 1814.

Capt. Timothy Titus
Lieut. Daniel West
Ensign. Adam Milmon
Sergt. Severs Hudson
Sergt. Daniel Mills
Sergt. Philip Everman
Sergt. George Whitmore
Corp. John Fate
Corp. Michael Tierman
Corp. John Devors
Corp. Job Severs
Drummer, Ashbel Crane
Fifer, William McKee


Baird, George
Baldwin, Daniel
Boner, Patrick
Buchels, David C
Buckles, David B.
Bunnel, Noah
Burrows, John
Bushels, Henry
Cast, Archibald
Cast, John
Crook, John
Crosin, Edward
Davis, George
Dill, Solomon
Dollison, Rezing
Downs, David
Emmet, John
Garwood, Hosea
Garwood, William
Gaskil, Samuel
Goodpaster, John
Gray, Thomas
Hayes, William D.
Hilt, William
Homer, Samuel
Hurst, William
Irvin, Ell
Jones, Joshua
Kelow, Samuel
Kriteser, Henry
Lacey, John
Lacey, William
Linley, Francis
Lofort, Lewis
McDonald, John
McLaughlin, Darby
Meed, Isaac N.
Mills, Michael
Myers, Jacob H
Orchey, Job
Phillips, Thomas
Reynard, John
Runnel, John
Settlemyre, William
Shight, Peter
Sidels, Israel
Smith, Obediah
Stanford, Philip
Stilley, Elisha,
Stipo, George
Stites, John F
Surface, Andrew
Surface, Henry
Tittle, John
Van Skike, John
Vineyard, John
Waggoner, Michael
Watson, Moses
Wells, Abraham
Winnings, Lewis
Yillock, Charles

War of 1812,

Miami County OH,

Ohio. Adjutant General's Office. Roster of Ohio soldiers in the War of 1812. Columbus, Ohio: Press of the Edward T. Miller Co. 1916.

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