Roll Of Capt. Samuel Herrod’s Company

(County Unknown).

Served from September 15, until October 15, 1812, and from August 1, until August 16, 1813.

Capt. Samuel Herrod
Lieut. Robert Gowdy
Lieut. Christopher L. Sroupe
Ensign Thomas Constant
Ensign Samuel Musick
Sergt. William Buckles
Sergt. David Lawhead
Sergt. William Andrews
Sergt. William Campbell
Sergt. David Garrison
Sergt. Anthony Cannon
Sergt. Evan Brock
Sergt. Reuben Johnson
Sergt. Andrew Douglas
Sergt. Thomas Kelso
Corp. Thomas Watson
Corp. James Andrews
Corp. James Bouls


Adams, Samuel
Andrews, Hugh
Ash, Adam
Beason, Thomas
Best, Ellas
Borders, George
Bransen, Ell
Bromagem, James
Bromagem, Samuel
Buckles, Robert
Button, Jesse
Callander, William
Campbell, John
Collier, James
Cuswell, James
Cutright, Peter
Donaldson, Alexander
Duley, Samuel
Durraugh, John
Edgar, William
Ferguson, Zechariah
Feris, James
Frazier, James
Galloway, James
Gawen, Johnson
Goff, John F.
Guin, Amos
Hanna, Robert
Hartman, Peter
Henderson, Joseph
Hoop, Andrew
Hornback, Samuel
Jenkins, Lancelot
Jenkins, William
Johnson, Aaron
Johnson, Reuben
Johnston, Isaac
Johton, Benjamin
Kain, Thomas
Kent, James
King, Richard
Ladd, Christopher
Ladd, John
Lamme, David
Lamme, James
Long, John
Long, Thomas
Maxwell, William
McBride, Henry
McClellan, William
McCoy, William
McCulley, John
McFarland, Arthur
McFarland, John
McFarland, Robert
Mendenhall, John
Miller, John
Mitchell, Forgis
Moore, Charles A
Morton, John
Mullen, Charles
Norris, Nathan
Ogden, William
Palmer, Joseph
Parris, Joseph
Paullin, Jacob
Paullin, Joseph
Pickering, Henry
Radgsdale, Alexander
Reed, John
Rodgers, William
Rusted, John N
Selvey, James
Shanks, Thomas
Sharp, William
Shaw, Amos
Sroupe, David
Sterett, Joseph
Stout, Bonem
Stout, Isaac
Sutton Garner
Sutton, John
Thomas, Indian
Thompson, James
Thornberry, John
Townsley, Thomas
Turner, Allen
Turner, John
Turner, Robert
Watson, John
Watson, Thomas
Wilson, Joseph
Wolf, John
Wright, Hugh
Wright, John

War of 1812,

Ohio. Adjutant General's Office. Roster of Ohio soldiers in the War of 1812. Columbus, Ohio: Press of the Edward T. Miller Co. 1916.

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