Roll Of Capt. Robert Reid’s Company

(Probably from Delaware County)

Served from July 28, until Sept 6, 1813.

Capt. Robert Reid
Lieut. John Hedges
Ensign, John Cole
Lieut. George Teagarden
Sergt. Joshua Hedges
Sergt. Henry Bennet
Sergt. James Tollman
Corp. John Childs
Corp. Benjamin Smith
Sergt. Isaac Hoffhines
Corp. Isaiah Bell
Sergt. James Lallern
Corp. John Reid
Sergt. James Reid
Sergt. John Winterstein
Sergt. Missamore


Anderson, John
Bell, Abner
Bell, James
Bennet, Henry
Bishop, William
Briner, John
Brinker, George
Brown, Samuel
Brown, William
Burgett, Jacob
Burton, Bazel
Butlinger, George
Butlinger, John
Champ, John
Champ, William
Clark, William
Cock, David
Cole, Joshua
Columber, Richard
Coonrad, Henry
Cup, Phillip
Cupt, Conrad
Cuttler Jonothan
Cuttler, Enos
Edwards, William
Fridley, Lewis
Gibson, James
Gothrop, Richard
Hagerman, Thomas
Hardesty, Richard
Hatten, Charles
Hayes, Luther
Henry, Enoch
HIland, John
Hughes, Jesse
Kilwell, James
King, Trueman
KuikendalI, George
Kuikendall, John
Lape, John
Lofer, John
McLane, Zechariah
Meet, Bazel
Miller, Joseph
Miller, Peter
Moore, Elijah
Morris, Jacob
Nigh, George
Nigh, Jacob
Noys, John
Paul, Zechariah
Punches, George
Punches, Peter
Shoup, Jacob
Smith, Henry
Sockrider, John
Stultz, Henry
Swishen, John
Swisher, Abraham
Teagarden, Jacob
Turner, Daniel
Writter, Henry

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