Roll Of Capt. John Spencer’s Company, Ohio Spies

(Probably from Licking County).

Served from August 27, until September 25, 1812, and from September 4, 1813, until March 4, 1814.

Capt. John Spencer
Lieut. Abraham Bennet
Lieut Henry Goode
Cornet, Jacob Mann
Ensign John Denham
Sergt. Daniel Eaton
Sergt. John Peck
Sergt. Jesse Sutton
Sergt. Martin Robinson
Sergt. John C Spencer
Sergt. Robert B Covert
Sergt. Abner Meek
Sergt. Isaac Dougherty
Corp. Enoch Wilkin
Corp. Isaac Good
Corp. Enoch Smith
Corp. James Patten
Musician, Daniel Crane
Musician, Richard Baker


Alexander, John
Allen, John
Anderson, William
Bedunnah, Ebenezer
Blackburn, James
Blackford, J. K
Blackford, William
Brewin, Thomas
Cahill, Daniel
Cahill, Isaac
Carnal, Silvanus
Cawthorn, William S
Clark, Abraham
Cline, John
Clyne, George
Codington, Freeman
Codington, Isaac
Colter, William
Conklin, William
Copeland, Joseph
Cul, Joel
Cummins, Andrew
Daugherty, William
Deane, John
Death, George
Elliott, Wright
Evans, David
Fox, David
Freeman, James
Fugus, Clement
Garner, Henry
Garner, Job
Gill, John
Griffin, James
Hamilton, Isaac
Hinkston, Benjamin
Hoblet, David
Holmes, John
Jackson, Samuel G
Kennear, James
Kirkpatrick, William
Lassee, John
Lawrence, George
Lee, John
Linsey, John
Linsey, Leonard
Lynn, Samuel
Lyttle, John
McCray, Daniel
McDaniel, William
McDowell, Demsy
Meek, Abner
Mills, Daniel
Mills, John
Morrow, Lewis
Morton, Benjamin
Mossburgh, Henry
Mullin, James
Murphey John
Newkirk, Jacob
Ogler, John
Parkhill, John
Patterson, John
Payne, Absalom
Rogan, James
Ruble, Samuel
Rycraft, Joseph
Sawyer, John
Scott, Joseph
Sheafe, George
Silsby, David
Spragg, James
Swailes, Rue
Thompson, James
Wallace, John
Whitaker, John
Whitmore, Miles
Young, John

War of 1812,

Licking County OH,

Ohio. Adjutant General's Office. Roster of Ohio soldiers in the War of 1812. Columbus, Ohio: Press of the Edward T. Miller Co. 1916.

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