Roll Of Capt. George Hosher’s Company

(County Unknown)

Served from February 16 until April 16, 1814. Part served until August 16, 1814.

Capt. George Hosher
Lieut. Michael Walter
Ensign, William Evens
Sergt. Henry Bonsteel
Sergt. Ezekial Joseph
Sergt. John Livingston
Sergt. John Miller
Corp. Massy Climer
Corp. Joshua Evens
Corp. Michael Hively
Corp. Daniel Spohn
Corp. John Hiles
Sergt. William McIntosh
Drummer, William Boan


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Baker, Joseph
Bixter, Christian
Boid, Henry
Bryan, William
Chambers, James
Chester, George
Clem, Henry
Courson, John
Daniel, John
Davis, Aquila
Demas, Thomas
Farmer, Samuel
Fisher, Jacob
Friend, George
Friend, William
Futhy, Isaac
Gibbs, Daniel
Green, Jacob
Green, Robert
Guin, Hezeklah
Hawey, James
Helm, John
Hiland, Edward
Hills, John
Hively, Michael
Houts, Christian
Hoy, Phillip
Humbarger, Peter
Jenkins, Evan
King, Jacob
Lair, Andrew
Lappwine, Gabriel
Larimore, Joseph
Limbaugh, George
Lineburg, Peter
Lineburg, William
Lobdell, Samuel
Looker, Jonothan
Lott, George
Love, James
Martin, Joseph
McClung, Thomas
McCormick, James
McWilliams, Alexander
Meek, John
Meeker, Aaron
Meeker, Moses
Mercer, Robert
Messmore, George
Miller, John
Miller, Othias
Miller, Phillip
Moore, Thomas
Moredeck, William
Morris, William
Moyer, John
Nogle, Isaac
Nutt, David
Pair, Thomas
Parish, John
Pressler, John
Ray, Abraham
Ricketts, John
Ridenour. Martin
Russell, William
Shaffer, William
Signer, George
Sinbary, William
Spicer, John
Stephens, Justice
Stevens, Chester
Stouter, John
Sutton, John
Thrush, Michael
Turner, Benjamin
Vandermark, John
Webster, Jacob
Westfall, Harvey
Westfall, Henry
Williams, William

War of 1812,

Ohio. Adjutant General's Office. Roster of Ohio soldiers in the War of 1812. Columbus, Ohio: Press of the Edward T. Miller Co. 1916.

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