Roll Of Capt. David Shelby’s Mounted Company

(Probably from Ross County)

Served from September 4, until October 14, 1812.

Capt. David Shelby
Lieut. John Barnes
Ensign Jonothan Clark
Sergt. Samuel Jones
Sergt. Joseph Martin
Sergt. James Delay
Sergt. Moses Coleston
Corp. Elias Reed
Corp. Arthur Chenewith
Corp. James Ruckman
Corp. Henry Morris


Brown, William
C—, Abner
C—, Thomas
Carter, Henry
Chenewith, Isaac
Chenewith, Jacob
Chenewith, John
Chenewith, Thomas
Davies, William H.
Evans, John
Evans, Lewis
Frazier, David
Frazier, James
Glass, Joseph
Groves, Lewis
Gutheny, John, Jr.
Guthery, John, Sr.
Guthery, Joseph
Guthrie, William
Hamilton, William
Hatton, William
Heaverlo, James
Hopkins, William
Hotsenbiller, Jacob
Howard, Joseph
Huston, James
Jenkins, Baldwin
Jenkins, James
Justice, John
Kerr, Thomas
King, David
Krug, John
Manary, Hugh
Myers, Samuel
Perrell, John
Rawlings, Nathan
Rodgers, Hezekiah
Rodgers, Lewis
Shelby, Joseph
Smith, Edward H
Stalcup, John
Stipp, Abraham
Swan, Thomas
Verden, William
Williams, Joseph
Williams, Nathan

War of 1812,

Ross County OH,

Ohio. Adjutant General's Office. Roster of Ohio soldiers in the War of 1812. Columbus, Ohio: Press of the Edward T. Miller Co. 1916.

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