Roll Of Capt. Daniel McCreery’s Company

(Probably from Ross Co.)

Served from July 29, until September 6, 1813.

Capt. Daniel McCreery
Lieut. Isaac Hortman
Ensign, Barton Lucas
Sergt. William Hulit
Sergt. Adam Razier
Sergt. Thomas Davis
Sergt. Isaac Roads
Corp. John Darby
Corp. Christian Housman
Corp. Wells Jones
Corp. Peter Housman


Ankerman, John
Ault, Christian
Baldwin, Daniel
Bayles, William
Bilzer, John
Brown, Orlando
Darby, Samuel
Darby, Stephen
Dutton, James
Hatter, Leonard
Housman, David
Housman, George
Janiken, Drury
Jonsojin, Eli
Lamings, Samuel
Linten, William
Lucas, Charles
Marshawn, Daniel
McGraw, Hugh
McVay, William
Ninemyor, Jacob
Niseley, Samuel
Polland, William
Pudle, Gabriel
Reason, Jonothan
Reed, George
Reed, Leonard
Rhodes, Jacob
Rhodes, John
Rhodes, Phillip
Shaw, Joseph
Shewmaker, Daniel
Shields, John
Smith, Benjamin
Stephens, John
Stultz, John
Stultz, Peter
Swane, Samuel
Trivet, Joseph
Troth, Isaac
Washburn, James
Williams, Thomas

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