Roll Of Capt. Allen Gaylord’s Company

(Probably from Cuyahoga County)

Served from August 22, until October 24, 1812.

Capt. Allen Gaylord
Lieut. Walter Strong
Ensign, Elijah Nobles
Sergt. William W. Williams
Drummer, Simon Smith
Fifer, Almon Wolcott


Abbott, Josiah
Blinn, Richard H
Cahoon, Amos
Chase, Daniel
Comstock, Peter
Ensign, Ira
Frazier, Stephen
Gunn, Charles
Gunn, Christopher
Hungerford, Asa
Johnson, Samuel
King, William, Jr.
King, William, Sr.
Morton, Clark
Porter, Amaziah
Prentiss, James
Prentiss, Robert
Remington, Justus
Rois, Silas
White, Charles

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