Roll Of Capt. Adam Berry’s Company

(From Pickaway & Ross Cos.)

Served from April 11, until May 12, 1813, and from April 11, until May 12, 1814

Capt. Adam Berry
Lieut. Arthur McPhee or McKee
Ensign, John Thompson
Ensign, John Thebus
Sergt. John Beavens
Sergt. Jacob Smith
Sergt. George Spangler
Sergt. Thomas Powell
Sergt. John Spores
Sergt. Blain
Sergt. George Fry
Sergt. Adam Zehrung
Sergt. John Clark
Sergt. John Shoup
Corp. Phillip Least
Corp. Hugh Caul
Corp. John Knight
Corp. Stephen Stewart
Drummer jacob Smith
Fifer, George Shaugler


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Alcot, Israel
Andrew, Thomas
Bagley, Thomas
Ballard, Linsey S
Ballinger, Joseph
Barber, Edward
Beek, Alexander
Bellote, Walter
Blane, John
Brown, Joshua
Burben, Edward
Chambers, John
Cheneworth, George
Chenworth, Thomas
Clark John
Clark, Robert
Coaley, James R
Cobb, Hugh
Cogley, Thomas
Crum, Thomas
Dod, Adam
Dungan, Titus
Dunn, Zephaniah
Erwin, William
Evans, Aldridge
Frye, George
Fullen Alexander
Garratt, Russell
Graham, Joseph
Grant, William
Hall. James
Harbert, Richard
Harmon, Samuel H.
Harpster, Peter
Haynes, Henry
Hurst, Thomas
John, Thomas
Johnson, Jacob
Johnston, Joel
Kennison, Reuben
Kimble, Jacob
Kinser, George
Knight, John
Lambart, Isaac
Laurence, Henry
Lewis, William
Linn, Jacob
List, Phillip
Lunback Henry
Marsh, Titus
Martz, George
Mathew, John
McCord, Thomas
McFadden, William
Miller, George
Moore, James
Mounts, Humphrey
Munday, John
Myers, John
Nease, Abraham
Newman, William
Noland, William
Nubegal, William
Odle, Stephen
Pertee, George
Pervolt, Thomas
Peters, Jacob
Petty, Absalom
Ratcliff, Charles
Redden, Reuben
Redden, Robert
Reed, Samuel
Ritchie, Andrew
Sewel, David
Sidenbender, John
Snodgrass, John
Sodden, John
Southviord, Henry
Sowder, John
Steward, Stephen
Strawser, David
Suthard, Henry
Thomas, Andrew
Timmers, Samuel
Tlmons, Henry
Troy, Jacob
Trulling, Abraham
Turly, Andrew
Vangundie, John
Vestle, Nathan
Waldron, George
Waldron, Phillip
Warren, Moses
White, Peter
Wiggins, John
Winland William
Wykoff, John

War of 1812,

Ohio. Adjutant General's Office. Roster of Ohio soldiers in the War of 1812. Columbus, Ohio: Press of the Edward T. Miller Co. 1916.

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