Genealogy of Johann Peter Stoneburner

Johann Peter, second son of Jacob and Anna Stoneburner, married Susanna Compher? sometime around 1782/85 in Loudoun County, Virginia. They were still living in Virginia in 1810 but near 1813 they had moved to Ohio. In 1820 Peter became one of the first officers of the Evangelical Lutheran Church. Later Peter and Susanna became members of the New Jerusalem Church of Deavertown, Ohio which was in the northwest part of Morgan County. His will was made in Morgan County, Ohio on the 29th day of September 1821. It read:

“In the Name of God, Amen: I, Peter Stoneburner of York Township, Morgan County and State of Ohio, farmer; being strong in mind and memory, make this my last will and testament. 1st. I bequeath my soul to God who gave it to me, and my body to the earth to be buried decently in a Christian manner. I bequeath this plantation whereon I live, and the house to my wife Susanna Stoneburner as long as she lives, I also bequeath to her all the household furniture that is in the house, I also bequeath to her one horse and one cow. I bequeath to John Wiley one hundred and sixty acres of land, to be purchased for him out of this estate where on I now live. I appoint my sons Michael Stoneburner and John Stoneburner as my executors. I allow my Executors to purchase the said quarter section of land for John Wiley and give him the deed for it so as soon as he is of the age of twenty one years. My wife Susanna Stoneburner shall have all I mention to her in this will: but if she should marry she shall have nothing but the third, the remainder shall be divided equally among my children. I appoint my executors to manage and conduct this plantation to the best advantage. I allow my wife Susanna Stoneburner to leave the third of this property to whom she pleases. If John Wiley’s time should not be elapsed at my death he shall serve his time until he is the age of twenty one years with one of my executors, and if he does not put up his time or should run away before he is of age of twenty one years, he shall get no land.

In testimony of the within I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 29th day of September 1821.”

Peter (X) Stoneburner

Attests, present
John Herron George (X)
Smith Samuel (X) Plethcher

The above will was offered for probate the 29 October 1830. Peter’s widow Susanna died sometime around 1844. Earlier in Morgan County of 1825, Peter, John, Michael and Charles Stoneburner were recorded as taxpayers.

201 Johann Peter Stoneburner born 24 August 1758 Berks Co., Pa. married before 1781 Susanna Compher? died circa 1844 Morgan Co., Ohio died before 29 October 1830 Morgan Co., Ohio


  1. 301 John Peter Stoneburner born 2 July 1783/4 Loudoun Co., Va. died 12 Feb. 1789 Loudoun Co.$ Va.
  2. 302 John Stoneburner born 1785
  3. 303 Sophia died young
  4. 304 John George died young
  5. 305 Peter Jr. died young
  6. 306 William died young
  7. 307 John Peter Stoneburner born 16 Jan-1790 Loudoun Co., Va. married Catherine _________ born 19 Sept. 177-5 died 10 Oct. 1865 Morgan Co., Ohio died before 17 April 1855 Morgan Co., Ohio
  8. 308 Elizabeth Stoneburner born 4 April 1791 Loudoun Co., Va. married 16 Feb. 1815 John Pletcher
  9. 309 Daniel Stoneburner died young
  10. 310 John Carl Charles Stoneburner born 16 Oct. 1794 Loudoun Co., Va. married Susannah Smallwood? born circa 1800 died 28 Feb. 1873 died 4 Feb. 1828 Morgan Co., Ohio
    1. 420 Eli Stoneburner married Mary J. Smallwood 20 June 1844, Muskingum County Ohio ch: Melissa C., Augusta L., Sarah L.
    2. 421 Charles Stoneburner married Emily F. Crider
    3. 422 Charlotte Stoneburner married William Collins
    4. 423 Emaline Stoneburner married John Smallwood
    5. 424 Tilman Stoneburner married Elizabeth Dover born 1827 died 1900 Morgan Co., Ohio
      1. 520 Mary E. Stoneburner
      2. 521 Martha Ellen Stoneburner married Rufus G. Neff born 6 May 1855 died 3 Feb. 1949 Muskingum Co., Ohio
        1. 620 Herbert Vernon Neff married Sarah M. Barr
        2. 621 Robert R. Neff, married 1, Bernice Mohler, married 2, Birdie Rice.
        3. 622 Grace Ellen Neff married Gordon Mull
        4. 623 Ivy Cleo Neff married J.G. Fred Gitter born 16 March 1885 Morgan Co., Ohio died 1 Feb. 1975 Muskingum Co., Ohio
          1. 720 Mildred Grace Gitter married Joe Wm. Hargrove born 1 March 1907
            1. 820 Wm. Frederick Hargrove married Sylvia A. Smedley
              1. 920 John Frederick Hargrove
              2. 921 Joseph Fulton Hargrove
            2. 821 Jo Ann Hargrove married Dewaine B. Robinson
            3. 822 Elizabeth Hargrove married John ‘Roger’ Penos
            4. 823 Sandra ‘Sue’ Hargrove, married 1, George Daniel Dressler, married 2 Roger E. Davis
  11. 311 John Michael Stoneburner born 8 August 1793 Loudoun Co., Va. married 6 May 1813 Elizabeth Pletcher died 6 Feb. 1865 Morgan Co., Ohio
    ch: Michael, Israel, Jacob, William, Helena Christman, John Peter, Elizabeth Goble, Margaret Hairs, Dorothy and Caroline Weaver.
  12. 312 Margaret Stoneburner born 18 Oct. 1796 Loudoun Co., Va. married 18 March 1827 Jacob Pletcher

Sources for the Genealogy of Johann Peter Stoneburner:

  • 1810 Virginia Census
  • Loudoun County 
  • 1825 Morgan Co. Ohio Tax List
  • Box 2 Vol. D Morgan Co., Ohio Will Records p. 38 
  • Sylvia Hargrove Records
  • Rosalie Hartinger Records



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