Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, 1853-1953

Published by the Harold R. Jones Co. in 1953, “Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio” provides an overview of this rapidly growing city in Summit County, Ohio. Located just 4.5 miles northeast of Akron and 32 miles south of Cleveland, Cuyahoga Falls is notable for its blend of small-town charm and the amenities of a larger city.

The booklet, though missing some photos and text due to binding issues, offers insights into various aspects of the city. Topics covered include the history of Cuyahoga Falls, the operations of its police and fire departments, the parks and recreation facilities, and the public school system. Additional sections highlight the city’s religious organizations, municipal utilities, industrial base, public buildings, and elected officials.

With over 75 percent of its residents owning homes, Cuyahoga Falls is portrayed as an ideal residential community. Its rapid growth between 1942 and 1952 positioned it as one of the fastest-growing communities in the United States. The city’s strong industrial sector, comprising 80 plants producing a wide range of goods, underscores its economic vitality.

The booklet, prepared by the Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce, aims to serve as a practical guide for residents, providing essential information and fostering a sense of pride and community spirit. Through this publication, readers are encouraged to explore and appreciate the various facets of their city, making it not just a place to live, but a place to call home.

Table of Contents

Historical Cuyahoga Falls, by Gilbert Roberts, p. 4
Police, Fire Departments, p. 14
Parks and Recreation, p. 22
Public Schools, p. 25
The Ministerial Association of Cuyahoga Falls, p. 32
Churches of Cuyahoga Falls, p. 33
Service and Safety, p. 40
Elected Officials, p. 41
City Map of Cuyahoga Falls Ohio, p. 43
Municipal Utilities, p. 46
Industry in the Falls, p. 50
City Council, p. 54
“Growing Pains,” p. 60
Public Buildings, p. 64
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

City Map of Cuyahoga Falls Ohio
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, 1853-1953 3


Harold R. Jones Co., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio : H.R. Jones Co., 1953.


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