Athens County, Ohio Auditors 1805-1868

The first constitution of Ohio provided for the election by the people of only two county officers, viz.: sheriff and coroner; other county officers were, during the first eighteen years of the state’s history, appointed by the county commissioners or by the associate judges of the respective counties. The office of county auditor was created by act of the legislature, at the session of 182o-21. Before that time the principal duties of the auditor were performed by the county clerk, who was appointed by the commissioners. Henry Bartlett, so long known in the county as “Esquire Bartlett,” was clerk, and ex officio auditor, from 1806 till March 18,2 I. From this time the successive auditors were:

Joseph B. Miles, appointed by commissioners in 1821, and served nine months.
Gen. John Brown, appointed and served till March, 1827.
Norman Root, elected 1827 and served till March, 1839.
Leonidas Jewett, elected 1839 and served till March, 1843.
Abner Morse, elected 1843 and served till March, 1845.
Leonidas Jewett, elected 1845 and served till March, 1847.
E. Hastings Moore, elected 1847 and served till March, 1861.
Simeon W. Pickering, elected 1861 and served till present time.

Collection: Athens County Ohio Genealogy.

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