Ward Farm Cemetery, Pitt County, North Carolina

Our thanks to Annette Ginn Roebuck for the contribution of this cemetery listing.

Located at Ward Farm Highway 64 Alt East on left about 2 miles from Bethel

Name Birth Dealth Comments County & State
Hubert V Ward 9/5/1896 September 28, 1906 Pitt County, NC
Joseph R Ward Born 1867 November 3, 1906 Pitt County, NC
Benjamin Franklin Ward 11/9/1851 August 12, 1925 Pitt County, NC
Julia Elizabeth 3/25/1854 August 22, 1929 Wife of Benjamin F Ward Pitt County, NC
J H Ward February 6, 1901 Age 63 years 9 months 13 days Pitt County, NC
Sarah E 3/24/1876 February 28, 1926 Wife of J B Mizell Pitt County, NC
Mary E 4/12/1851 November 27, 1932 Wife of James L Ward Pitt County, NC
James L Ward 1/25/1837 10/25/1895 Pitt County, NC

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Pitt County NC,

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