Eastern Cherokee Training School

Eastern Cherokee Schools

Eastern Cherokee Training School and Mt. Noble, from Spray Ridge and US Indian Agency

Eastern Cherokee Training School
Eastern Cherokee Training School

The training school for the Eastern Band of Cherokees is also a boarding school, with 4: white teachers. It has had 84 boarders, the average daily attendance being 80, and 24 day scholars. The full details of the operation of this school are given elsewhere. The total cost in maintaining this school for 1890 was $11,264.47, expended as follows: for salaries of teachers and employees, $3,350; all other expenses, $7,914.47. The entire expense is paid by the United States from a special appropriation for the Eastern Cherokee training school, The buildings occupied, 11 in number, and also a barn, are owned jointly by the United States and the Cherokees, The school, while a government school, is under the charge of members of the Society of Friends, and its establishment and maintenance by the United States is in the nature of a gratuity.

The school statistics of the 3 Cherokee schools for the year 1800 are as follows:

Statistics Of Cherokee Indian Schools

The school buildings are all owned by the Eastern Band of Cherokees, and the expenses of the schools are paid with the interest from the Eastern Band of Cherokees’ education fund, held in the treasury of the United States.

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