Brunswick County, North Carolina – Wills 1762-1800

1797 ALLEN, DRURY, Margaret (wife); Eskandah; James Ranaldson, Drewy Allen Ranaldson; Mary Moore and Nancy Moore.

1765 BERRY, DANIEL, Rebecca, Samuel.
1765 BOSHER, WILLIAM, Jean (wife).
1765 BRANTLEY, WILLIAM, Rachel (wife).
1767 BRADLEY, RACHEL, Hannah, Pariso and other children not named.
1789 BELL, JOHN, Phoebe (wife), Hannah, Robert; Eunice Bell; John Caine; Rebecca Gilbert.
1793 BELL, JAMES, Sarah (wife), James, Samuel, Nathaniel and Joseph; Janies Anderson; Sarah Galloway; Alfred, Cornelius, Mary, Amelia, Rebecca, Brevard and Mary Caines.
1800 BROWN, CHARLES, David.

1771 CHINS, MARY, John, Lois, Sarah and Richard; Margaret Moore.
1775 CRANDELL, LYDIA, Rebecca (wife), and others not named.
1781 CHARLES, JOHN, James; Mary Wale; Sarah Parker; Margaret Smith.
1792 CLARA, THOMAS, Hooper and William Clark, and others not named.
1800 CREEL, MARK, Daily and Willis.

1763 DAVIS, JOHN, Sarah (wife), and others not named.
1766 DAVIS, JOHN, Thomas, and others not named.
1770 DALRYMPLE, MARTHA, Martha Lillington, and others not named.
1771 DANIEL, JOHN, Ann (wife), Albert, George, William, Stephen and Robert.
1771 DANIEL, JOHN, Ann (wife), and others not named.
1771 DANIEL, JOHN, JR., Elizabeth (wife), and others not named.
1775 DAVIS, JOHN, George and others not named.
1779 DRY, WILLIAM, William, Jr., and others not named.
1781 DENNING, STEPHEN, Martha (wife).
1781 DRY, WILLIAM, Virgil; Sarah Moore; Cornelius Harnett; Mary and Thomas Davis; Robert Ellis; Wm. Hill; Sarah Montain; Thomas McGuire; Mary Jane Dry; Sarah Smith; Wm. Dry (alias Wm. Moore); Rebecca, Jane, Sophia and Ann Davis.
1783 DAVIS, ROGER, SR., Roger.
1788 DANIEL, SARAH, Amelia (wife), Ann, Stephen, Robert and William.

1767 ESPY, USHER, William Lord.
1772 ELLERY, WILLIAM, John Sheea.

1772 FOWLER, ANN, June (wife), Ann and Mary.
1791 FRINK, SARAH, Needham, Samuel and Elizabeth Gause; Mitchell, Elizabeth, Mary, and Sarah Bellune.
1795 FRANK, SAMUEL, Sarah (wife) Samuel; heirs of Dennis Hankins and Thomas Frink (not named).
1796 FRINK, MARTHA, Samuel and Elizabeth Gause; Dennis and John Frink; Martin Hankins.

1767 GODWIN, JOSEPH, Ann (wife).
1783 GAUSE, JOHN, Charlotte (wife), Elizabeth, Benjamin, Charles, John, Hannah and Needham.
1788 GRANGE, JOHN, SR., John P. Grange.
1791 GRANGE, JOHN, Mary, and others not named.
1793 GOODMAN, WILLIAM, Amy (wife), Sarah, William, Henry, Luke and Job; Catherine Bell; Martha Rutland; Sam Potter.
1794 GAUSS, NEEDHAM, Hannah (wife), Needham, William, John, Bryan, and Elizabeth.
1795 GALLOWAY, JOHN, Alfred, Cornelius, Mary, Amelis and Nathaniel.
1800 GOODMAN, ANNE, Lydia Caines; Sarah Goodman; Mary Wingate; Robert and Samuel Potter; Amelia Russ.

1768 HOWE, ROBERT, wife (not named).
1772 HALL, THOMAS, Thomas, John, William, Susie, Frances and Roger.
1778 HOLDEN, BENJAMIN, Alfred, and others not named.
1780 HALL, ELIZABETH, William Watters; William Hall.
1780 HALL, ELIZABETH, William, and others not named.
1781 HARLESTON, JOHN, Isaac Harleston, and others not named.
1793 HANKINS, DENNIS, Elizabeth (wife), Thomas, William, Mark, Samuel, and Dennis.
1794 HEWETT, JOSEPH, SR, Dorcas (wife); John, David, Joseph, Thomas and Samuel; Philip and Rachel Ivey; Ruth Standard.
1796 HOWE, SARAH, Robert; Mary Moore.

1762 JENNERET, ELIAS, Margaret (wife); children (not named).
1767 JEANS, WILLIAM, John Truett; James McIlhenny; Joseph, Hester, Sarah, David, Abel, and Isaac Jeans (children).

1769 LORING, JoSIAH, Mary (wife).
1769 LUDLUM, ISAAC, Nehemiah, and others not named.
1770 LUDLUM, SARAH, Crawford.
1772 LEONARD, HENRY, Hannah (wife); Joseph Hewett; Crawford Ludlum; Job Holden; Henry and John Willitts; Abigail Holder); Ann Willitts, Ruth and Lydia Hewett.
1782 LEONARD, SAMUEL, Samuel and others not named.
1782 LUDLUM, CRAWFORD, Harriet Laspeyre, and others not named.
1798 LORD, WILLIAM E., Lord, William (nephew).

1764 MUNRO, REVELS, Rachel (wife), and others not named.
1789 MCALIsTER, ARCHIBALD, Mary (wife), and others not named.
1795 MCALISTER, MARY, James, and others not named.

1774 NEALE, SAMUEL, Henry, and others not named.
1777 NASH, FRANCIS, Sarah (wife), and others not named.
1781 NEAL, HENRY, Elizabeth (wife); Thomas Neal; John Swain.
1790 NEAL, NANCY, Lucy Brown; Selena Vernon; John Mills; John, Nancy and Elizabeth Vernon.
1790 NEAL, THOMAS, JR., Wife, and others not named.
1796 NEAL, THOMAS, Eleanor (wife).

1764 PINSON, THOMAS, Arthur and Amelia Spear.
1798 POTTER, MILES, SR., Robert, Miles, John and Joseph; Abraham Skipper; Margaret McMurray.

1765 ROSS, CHARLES, Hannah (wife), and others not named.
1771 ROWAN, JOHN, Ann (wife), and others not named.
1786 ROOTS, ROGER, Elizabeth (wife), Henry, Roger, Samuel, Sarah and Hannah.
1788 ROBERTS, AARON, Martha (wife), and others not named.
1796 READ, JAMES, John Haywood.

1775 STANLAND, PATRICK, Thomas, and others not named.
1779 SIMMONS, JOHN, Sarah (wife).
1787 SMITH, HENRY, Thomas, Joseph and Alexander.
1787 SMITH, MARY, Sophia Grange; Thomas Smith; James Glass.
1794 SMITH, JOHN, SR; JOHN, JR., James, Mary and Memory; Spicy Reaves.

1786 TAYLOR, THOMAS, wife (nut named).
1799 TAYLOR, HENRY, Mary (wife), children (not named).

1781 VERNON, JOHN, Lucy Jones; Sarah Robinson; William Jones; Henrietta White; William, and Susannah Vernon.

1761 WILLITTS, HOPE, Samuel, Mary, Lydia, Amy, Joseph and Hope.
1772 WILKINSON, JOHN, Elizabeth and Thomas; Watt, Anna and John; Wood, Honors.
1775 WALKER, JOHN, Mary (wife).
1776 WALKER, JOHN, devisees, Mary (wife), Ann and Jean.
1779 WATTERS, SAMUEL, devisees, Martha (wife), and children not named.
1789 WINGATE, EDWARD, Sarah wife).


Partridge, Dennis. Abstract of North Carolina Wills 1760-1800. Web.

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