New York Indian Reservations

A list of New York Indian reservations showing the Indian tribes the land was set aside for, the amount of acres if known, and the acts, treaties, and executive orders used to establish the reservation.

Reservation: Allegany
Tribes: Onondaga, Seneca
Acres: 30,469
Established by: Treaties of Sept. 15, 1797 (VII, 601), and May 20, 1842 (VII, 587).

Reservation: Cattaraugus
Tribes: Cayuga, Onondaga, Seneca
Acres: 21,680
Established by: Treaties of Sept. 15, 1797 (VII, 601), June 30, 1802 (VII, 70), and May 20, 1842, (VII. 587).

Reservation: Oil Springs
Tribes: Seneca
Acres: 640
Established by: By arrangement with the State of New York (see Ind. Aff. Rep. for 1877, 166). Seneca agreement of Jan. 3, 1893, ratified by act of Feb. 20, 1893 (XXVII, 470); act of June 7, 1897 (XXX, 89).

Reservation: Oneida
Tribes: Oneida
Acres: 350
Established by: Treaty of Nov. 11, 1794 (VII, 44); arrangement with the State of New York. (See Ind. Aff. Rep. for 1877. 168.)

Reservation:  Oneida
Tribes: Oneida, Onondaga, St. Regis
Acres: 6,100
Established by: Treaty and arrangement with the State of New York.

Reservation: St. Regis
Tribes: St. Regis
Acres: 14,640
Established by: Treaty of May 13, 1896 (VII,55), They hold about 24,250 acres in Canada.

Reservation: Tonawanda
Tribes: Cayuga and Tonawanda bands of Seneca
Acres: 7,549
Established by: Treaties of Sept. 15, 1797 (VII, 601), and Nov. 5, 1857 (XII, 991); purchased by the Indians and held in trust by the comptroller of New York; deed dated Feb. 14, 1862.

Reservation: Tuscarora
Tribes: Onondaga and Tuscarora
Acres: 6,249
Established by: Treaty of Jan. 15, 1838 (VII, 551); arrangement (grant and purchase) between the Indians and the Holland Land Company.


Hodge, Frederick Webb, Compiler. The Handbook of American Indians North of Mexico. Bureau of American Ethnology, Government Printing Office. 1906.

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