Tuscarora Reservation Map and Occupants, 1890

The Tuscarora Reservation, in Niagara County, New York, is formed from 3 adjoining tracts successively acquired, as indicated on the map. Their early antecedents as kinsmen of the Iroquois, their wanderings westward to the Mississippi, and their final lodgment at the head waters of the rivers Neuse and Tar, in North Carolina, are too much […]

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Indian Reservations 1908

Schedule showing each Federal Indian Reservation in 1908, under what agency or School, Tribes occupying or belonging to it, area not allotted or specially reserved, and authority for its establishment. (Compiled by the Office of Indian Affairs) Reservation History Current Federally Recognized Indian Tribes by State Arizona Indian Reservations California Indian Reservations Colorado Indian Reservations Idaho

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