Biography of Fayette Taylor

Fayette Taylor, one of the younger members of the farming fraternity in Geneva, Ontario county, New York, is not by any means the least of those to be considered when the value of practical and progressive methods is taken into consideration. Those farmers who are ready and willing to adopt the modern and scientific methods of cultivating the soil whenever these methods can be readily adopted are the ones whose farms produce the largest crops in proportion to the acreage tinder cultivation, and it is these farmers who raise the general prosperity of the country, which depends in a great measure on successful and well gathered harvests. One of the best representatives of this class is Fayette Taylor.

He was born in Yates county, New York, July 15, 1874, and was educated in the public and high schools of Geneva. His early, years, during his spare hours and during the summer vacations, were spent in assisting his father on the family homestead, and in this practical manner he obtained a thorough knowledge of all the details connected with the proper management of the land which it might be his later fortune to possess. He commenced farming on his own account in 1901, and in 1904 purchased a farm of one hundred acres, which he has brought to such a state of cultivation that it is considered one of the show places of its kind in the section. It is not only beautiful to look at but is tilled in such a manner as to throw off a very satisfactory yearly profit, and the dwelling and outbuildings are always in the finest possible condition. This is a condition which after all is a matter of economy, as every practical farmer recognizes, and to this class Mr. Taylor most certainly belongs. He has planted a large number of fruit trees, which are in fine condition, and it is his ultimate ambition to devote his entire time and attention to the growing of fruit, to which Ontario county is admirably adapted. In spite of the demands made upon him by the personal supervision he exercises in’ the cultivation of his land, Mr. Taylor finds time and attention to devote to considering the questions of public affairs, and so active and beneficial has been the interest he has taken in the affairs of the community that his fellow citizens have recognized it by electing him to public office. In 1909 he was elected as one of the assessors of the town, to serve a term of four years, and it is confidently predicted that this is but the forerunner of higher honors which his townsmen are willing and anxious to bestow upon him. As a member of the Republican party he has been an earnest worker in its interests. His church affiliations are with the Presbyterian church, and he is a member of the Grange, and the Independent Order of Odd Fellows.

Mr. Taylor married, June 21, 1904, Inez F., born in Penn Yan, Yates county, New York, September 23, 1894, a daughter of James Kellam, who is a carriage painter of Paterson, New Jersey. Children:: Marjorie F.; Clarence B.; and Wilbur K.



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