Biography of Azel Throop

Azel, son of Benjamin and Rachel (Brown) Throop, was born in Lebanon, Connecticut, January z8, 1792, died in Ontario county, New York. He was educated in the Lebanon school, and at home, and later taught school himself for several winters and was afterwards inspector and superintendent of schools for a number of years. He married. May 20, 1819, Fanny, sister to the Hon. A. L. Van Dusen, of Hillsdale. New York, who was born in 1798. Children. 1. Lucy Ann. born February 19, 1820, died July 21, 1849: married, December 22, 1846, D. D. Sprague. 2. Ruth. born July 18, 1821, died July 30, 1821. 3. Elizabeth C., born July 12, 1822, married, October i8, 1841, Stoughton Hayward, of Washington, D. C. Elizabeth C. Hayward died December 7, 1910; her husband, Stoughton Hayward, died July 5, 1911, in his 94th year. 4. Joseph Allen, born February 16. 1827, died July 19, 1897; married (first) Hannah Jane, daughter of James Thompson, of Homer, Michigan, and (second) Hannah, daughter of Joseph Edwards; children, one by second marriage: Augustus Thompson. Francis Wayland, Walter Scott, Benjamin Blackmar, Clara. Benjamin B., son of Joseph Allen and Hannah (Thompson) Throop, married, January 24, 1906, Ada Ellen, daughter of Hon. and Mrs. J. K. Hockley, of Emporium, Penn.; child: Benjamin Hockley Throop, born August 20, 1907. 5. William Nelson, born April 6, 1829, died July 10, 1887; married, October 27, 1819, Maria F. Stowitts. 6. Augustus Phelps, born August 21, 1832, died November 28, 1907; married, in New York City, November 23, 1868, Mary Elizabeth, daughter of James Smillie, who was born in New York City, August 8, 1836; he was for many years a Homeopathic physician, and lived at 110 East Thirty-eighth street, New York City; children: William Smillie, born November 27, 1870, died in July, 1877; Katharine Parker: Frances Elizabeth. 7. Newton Adams, born April 1, 1835, living in Chicago, Illinois; married, September 18, 1864, Bell H. Pierce, of Jay, Essex county, New York; children: Katharine R., born December 3, 1865; Fanny Van Dusen. born March 28. 1868; Ralph Buchanan, born July 12, 1871 ; Benjamin J., married, October 18, 1904, Helen Evans, of Circleville, Ohio; Frances Augusta, born April 17, 1873, married, June 19, 1901, Walter Harlow Drew; two children: Benjamin Harlow Drew, born October 3, 1903; Willis Parker Drew, born November ii, 1905. 8. Frances Augusta, born June 17, 1837, died February 19. 1873; married, October 14. ,868, Edgar W. Pierce. 9. Adoniram Judson, referred to elsewhere.



Ontario County NY,

Milliken, Charles F. The History of Ontario County, New York, and Its People Lewis Historical Publishing Co., New York. 1911.

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2 thoughts on “Biography of Azel Throop”

  1. I am doing a study of the THROOP family in Englewood, Town of Lake, Cook County, Illinois ,specifically artist Newton A.Throop

    I am writing the first spreadsheet from the American point of view about 19th century rotunda panoramas. These were the biggest paintings in the world, 50 x 400=20,000 square feet, housed in their own rotundas which were 16-sided polygons. Chicago in 1893 had 6 panorama companies and 6 panorama rotundas
    From 1885-88 Howard H. Gross of the Reed & Gross panorama company in Englewood, Town of Lake, a suburb of Chicago until annexation June 30,1889, produced units of BATTLE OF GETTYSBURG and JERUSALEM ON THE DAY OF THE CRUCIFIXION for cities from coast to coast and beyond: Australia, New Zealand, Canada,England, Europe,South America. In 1889 the original panorama studio was removed (1) to Montreal and later(2) moved by barge up the St Lawrence River to Ste Anne de Beaupre, where a unit of JERUSALEM has been on display since 1895. I visited this with International Panorama Committee in 2003.
    I am attempting to find the exact ORIGINAL SITE of where the studio stood in Englewood, somewhere along the ROCK ISLAND RAILROAD. My guess is that this was where the later (1893) H.H.GROSS SUBDIVISION was established, at the N# corner of 65th Street and Harvard Avenue
    I would like to secure a photo or drawing or etching or drawing /image of this site
    Newton A.Throop born March 1863 in Illinois, was two blocks down at 609 W. 65th
    I have one known etching of NAT, that of the Lanyon Opera House in Englewood
    A genealogist “glennster”, a lady from Manhattan,NY,40-49 years old, graduate degree,specializes in British Isles wrote for the internet:”Newton A.Throop was a cousin of my Throop ancestors who were ALSO engravers/artists.The WHOLE FAMILY are OUT OF NEW YORK, but NA was born in Illinois and lived his life in Chicago as an engraver and artist. His most famous piece may have been an oil painting of an Angus steer,ADVANCE,which took the International Livestock Exposition by storm.”
    There are quite a number of THROOPS in WHO WAS WHO IN AMERICAN ART by Peter Hastings Falk (1899), but few details:
    Throop,Benjamin F NO BIRTH OR DEATH DATES
    Throop,Daniel Scrope born 1800Oxford,NY died Elgin, Ill but NO DEATH DATE
    THROOP John Peter Van Ness born 1794 Oxford,NY NO DEATH DATE
    THROOP,Orramel Hinckley born 1708 Oxford NY NO DEATH DATE
    I work VERY CLOSELY with AskART and have much info to share
    My project is called PANORAMA FOR A SMALL CITY
    Gene Meier 1160 Bailey Road, Sycamore, Illinois 60178 815 895 4099

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