Biographical Sketch of Gustave Fredeman Klube

On June 11, 1845, Gustave Fredeman Klube, of Oldeshaven, in the German principality of Sondershausen, and Maria Ernstina Voight, of Schwarzburg, same principality, were united in marriage. Gustave F. Klube was born in Oldeshaven, August ii, 1815, and Maria E. Voight was born in Schwarzhurg, Sondershausen, March 19, 1822. They departed from Oldeshaven at twelve M., May 4, 1850, sailed for the United States, May 15, following, and landed in New York at two P. M., July 4, of the same year. After residing in Syracuse, New York, a short time, they settled in Geneva, where the later families engaged in the harness-making business, and as he learned his trade in the “fatherland,” where craftsmen are subjected to a most rigid course of training, it must he inferred that he was a very skillful artisan. Naturally frugal and industrious he prospered, reared a large family and provided his offspring with good educational advantages. Children 1. Gustave Henry August, born in Oldeshaven, Germany, August 28, 1846. enlisted December 27, 1863, in Company H, One Hundred and Forty-eighth Regiment, New York Volunteer Infantry, for service in the civil war, served with credit in the struggle for the suppression of slavery and was killed in battle at Cold Harbor, Virginia, June 3, 1864. (N. B.-This gallant youth was but seventeen years old at the time of his death, and his untimely end was therefore as deplorable as it was honorable). 2. Agusta Johanna F., born in Oldeshaven, February 21, 1848. 3. Theresa Louise, born in Syracuse, August 10, 1850. 4. Mary E., born in Geneva, February 1, 1853. 5. Emelia Louise, born in Geneva, February 14, 1855. 6. Louise Emma, born in Geneva, October 10, 1856. 7. Henry John Lewis, found elsewhere.



Ontario County NY,

Milliken, Charles F. The History of Ontario County, New York, and Its People Lewis Historical Publishing Co., New York. 1911.

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  1. Hello,
    Gustave Klube is my wife’s Great,great,great,great-grandfather. Gustave’s daughter, Agusta, married another German, Mathias Theisen, who, like her, was born in Germany and brought to the United States with his parents and settled in Syracuse NY. Mathias and Agusta had a son, John Mathias. John named his son Henry John, likely likely chose that name after his uncle, Henry John Klube. Henry John Theisen was my wife’s grandfather. By the way, the name of the birthplace in Germany is not Oldishaven, it is Oldisleben. Oldisleben is a small farming village in the former East Germany and is indeed near the village of Sondershausen. In 1997, my wife (Chrystal Theisen) and I traveled to Oldisleben. There was a “Klube” still listed in the telephone book. A few years ago, we visited the Klube cemetery plot in Geneva. I note there was one Klube still living in Geneva a few years back. I wote to hime to see if he was related, but received no answer. Lastly, there is a lovely obituary on Gustave in the Geneva newspaper written at the time of his death. He was a respected member of the community and by his German speaking neighbors.
    Bill Hayman, Potsdam, NY

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