Biography of Albert Stevens

Albert Stevens, a farmer of Concord, was born at Canterbury, N.H., January 24, 1833, and is a representative of the third generation of the Stevens family born in this town. His paternal grandfather, whose name, it is believed, was Simeon Stevens, was a farmer and lifelong resident of Canterbury. He attained an advanced age, and was the father of six sons and four daughters. Three of the sons-Moses, John, and Thomas -went West, and settled in Princeton, Ill., where they grew prosperous and married. John Stevens had a son who became extremely wealthy, and two of the sons of Simeon Stevens became members of Congress.

Jesse Stevens, father of Albert, remained in his native town when his brothers went West, and in course of time became one of its leading citizens. Early in life he began to teach, and he followed that occupation for some years. He lived to be sixty-one years old, and at the time of his death had been Selectman of the town for many years. He married Abigail Sherborne, of Epsom; and they had seven children-Harriet, Mary A., Sylvester, Caroline, Susan T., Nancy, and Albert. Mary is the wife of Rufus Virgin, a sketch of whom appears elsewhere in this work; Sylvester lives in East Concord; Caroline, who is the widow of Stephen Clark, resides at Littleton, Mass.; Nancy, who lives in Concord, is the wife of Moody S. Farnum; Harriet and Susan are deceased.

Albert Stevens, who was the youngest son of his parents, received his education in the schools of Concord. He then took up farming, and besides he was for some time engaged in trade at Tilton, N.H. He bas also done some butchering, and has handled many horses and cattle. At one time he owned a stage line between Northwood and New Market. In 1861 he came to East Concord, and invested in a farm; but, his buildings being burned, he bought the old Carter Tavern of stage-coach fame. Mr. Stevens married Miss Susan E. Goodwin, a daughter of Reuben Goodwin, of East Concord. Mrs. Stevens died in September, 1872, after having borne her husband one son, Jesse G., who married Sarah O’Reagan. Mr. Stevens served as Assessor for seven or eight years, and was a member of the legislature in 1872 and 1873. He votes the Democratic ticket, and cast his first vote for President Buchanan in 1856.



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