The Belknap County Gazette Transcriptions for Saturday August 12, 1854

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The Belknap County Gazette. Meredith Bridge, N. H., Saturday August 12, 1854. VOL. 8. NO. 22


In New Hampton, Cap. Stephen B. Poor, to Miss Frances M. Harris, both of N.H. In Barnstead, Mr. Joseph M. Howard to Miss Hannah A. Hill. In Milton, Mr. Charles C. Durgin, of Gilmanton, to Miss Christine H. Hanson, of Lebanon, Me. In Wolfborough, M. John Clough, to Miss Betsey Ann Lang, both of W. In North Haverhill, Joel N. Angler, Esq., of Stockton, California, to Miss Sarah L. Swazey. In Concord, Mr. George Cooper, to Miss Betsy Ann Carr. In Wolfborough, Mr. Sylvester Marr, to Miss Abigail P. Bailey, both of Bath.


In this villiage, 8th instant, Mr. Charles Avery, aged about 43 years. In Gilmanton, Aug 3d, Miss Polly Young, aged 60 years. In Alton, 23d ult., Viena, daughter of Mr. Henry R. and Mrs. Hannah J. Kittredge, of Lowell, Mass., aged 8 years and ten months. In Wolfborough, 12th uil., Emma E., youngest daughter of Johnson and Elizabeth P. Jenness, aged 1 year and 26 days. In Henniker, Miss Julia Childs, aged about 33 years. In Sandwich, July 15th, Mr. Isaac Quimby, aged 73 years. In Gilmanton, July 17th, Mr. Josiah Smith, aged 60. July 10th Mariatte, only child of William and lucinda Lougee, aged 22 months. In Gilmanton, Iron Works, July 12th, Thesta Grace, only daughter of Parker M. and Mercy E. Lougee, aged 2 years and 4 months. At Lowell, Charles Simonds, Esq., representative in the N.H. Legislature from Marlow.


The owners of a piece of ground lying in the town of Meredith near Meredith Bridge, that has been inclosed with a fence, and has been for many years for the sole purpose of burying their friends, themselves and others upon it, and for no other purpose. There are now between two and three hundred persons buried there. For years past there have been many breaches made in the fence so large as to let in cattle and horses. Cattle and horses have been in and broke down as many as five or six large grave stones. Several of its neighbors are now, or have been tearing down the fence and making use of said land for a clothes-yard and for other uses. They have often been forbid making any breaches upon the fence and land, but of no avail. The owners of said land are determined to put a stop to the above depredations if law will do it; and from this time if any person should be guilty of making any breach as above stated, they will be presented to the Grand Jury for trial. August 1, 1854

Administrator’s Notice

The subscriber hereby gives notice that he has been duly appointed Administrator of the estate of MOSES EVANS, late of Gilmanton deceased. J.P. HUTHINSON. Gilford, July 28, 1854. 3w21

Commissioner’s Notice

The subscriber having been appointed by the Judge of Probate for the county of Belknap, Commisioner to receive, examine, adjust and allow the claims of the creditors against the estate of MOSES EVANS, late of Gilmanton, in said couonty, deceased; and six calender months from the twentieth day of June, 1854, being allowed for that purpose, hereby gives notice that he will attend to the duties of said appointment at his office at Meredith Bridge, in Meredith, in said county, on the 26th day of August, 28th day of October, and 16th day of December next, from one to five o’clock in the afternoon on each of said days. GEORGE W. STEVENS, Commissioner. Dated at Meredith, July 28, 1854. 3w21

Administrator’s Notice

The subscriber hereby gives notice that he has been duly appointed Administrator, with the will annexed, of the estate of TIMOTHY LADD, late of West Point, in the State of Indiana, testate. All persons indebted to said estate, are requested to make immediate payment, and all having claims to present them to the subscriber for adjustment. EBEN’R STEVENS, adm’r July 18, 1854

To Rent!

The wheelright shops, consisting of a large two story Work Shop, a two story Lumber Shop, and a Blacksmith’s Shop, with two Forges; located at Meredith Bridge, and formerly occupied by Newell Tilton. A great inducement is here offered a Wheelwright, there being no o’ther establishment of the kind in the place. For particulars enquire of J. C. Moulton, Geo. L. Sibley, or the subscriber. DANIEL G. LADD Gilmanton, April 5, 1854

Farm for Sale

The subscriber offers for sale his Farm, situated in Upper Gilmanton, 2 1/2 miles from Meredith Bridge, on the River road to Sanbornton Bridge, containing Niney Acres of as good land as there is in the county of Belknap. The land is new, having been cleared and the buildings built within 10 years. There is an acre of Apple and other Fruit Trees, set out six years ago on said Farm. Any one wishing to purchase a good Farm cheap, will please call on the subscriber. H. EMERY. Gilmanton, March 1, 1854


Belknap County NH,


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