Light, Anna L. Mrs. – Obituary

Elgin, Union County, Oregon

In Elgin, Oregon, Wednesday, December 21st, 1904, Anna L., beloved wife of John J. Light, aged 33 years.

Mrs. Light passed away at 8 o’clock Wednesday morning, her death occurring at the family apartments in Hotel Elgin, and resulting from tuberculosis of the lungs, from which disease she had suffered severely and patiently. It was the hope that the climatic conditions here would tend to restore her health that led Mr. and Mrs. Light to establish their home in Elgin in September 1903. Since that time they had formed many warm friendships among the citizens of this city and the world of Mrs. Light’s death was a stroke of sorrow to every heart. Many willing hands were ready to assist at the time when words could not comfort nor lighten the load of the bereaved husband’s grief, and by the time of the departure of Wednesday’s train everything was in readiness for the removal of the body to the old home in Shelton, Nebraska, and many friends were at the station to part with Mr. Light and little Bonnie at the beginning of their sorrowful journey.

As their friendship and society was enjoyed, so will be treasured the memory thereof, and the touching incident that removed a noble woman from the walk of life will always be regarded as one of the saddest events of our city’s history.

During his residence in Elgin Mr. Light held the responsible position as chief clerk in D.B. Hendrick’s store and was known and appreciated as a capable and reliable business man. Left with him, as the gift of a good woman who shared his life, is one little daughter, Bonnie, aged four years.

Elgin Recorder Friday December 23, 1904



White, Judy Wallis. Union County, Oregon Obituaries. Published by Copyright 1999-2013, all rights reserved.

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