Treasurers of the Cherokee Nation

The office of treasurer was provided for by article four, section twenty one of the constitution, as follows: “The treasurer of the Cherokee Nation shall be chosen by a joint vote of both branches of the National Council for the term of four years.” The annual salary was fixed on October 4, 1839 at five hundred dollars.

  • David Vann 1839, 1843, 1847 and 1851;
  • Lewis Ross 1855 and 1859:
  • Springfrog 1867, he died and Clement Neeley Vann was elected in November 1870;
  • Dennis Wolf Bushyhead 1871 and 1875;
  • De Witt Clinton Lipe November 11, 1879;
  • Henry Chambers 1883;
  • Robert Bruce Ross January 19, 1888;
  • Colonel Johnson Harris, November 6, 1891, he was elected Principal Chief on December 23, 1891 and Ezekial Eugene Starr was elected as his successor on the same day;
  • DeWitt Clinton Lipe November 14, 1895;
  • Joseph Martin LaHay, November 17, 1800
  • Dr. Jesse Crary Bushyhead 1903.


Indian Territory,

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