Township 24-27 North, Range 17 East, Indian Meridian

Exhibit D

The list of land filed with the Commission to the Five Civilized Tribes, December 16, 1902, and amended January 23, 1903, by Walter S. Logon, claiming to be the attorney for the Delaware Indians, is found as indicated below, from the Commission’s records, to be claimed and occupied by Delaware Citizens of the Cherokee Nation, as per Commission’s citizenship cards, and to this land there has not appeared any adverse claimant.

NOTE: After you find your ancestor listed on this page, you should take the the Card Number, and go to the Final Roll Database and search there.

Township 24 North, Range 17 East, Indian Meridian
Delaware 329927Section 6CampbellEmmaJ.20.81
Delaware 325472Section 8BulletteGeorge100.00
Delaware 325472Section 9BulletteGeorge150.00
Delaware 340520Section 15WilsonJoshua70.00
Delaware 339357Section 15ParkerMary60.00
Delaware 340520Section 16WilsonJoshua220.00
Delaware 339357Section 16ParkerMary260.00
Delaware 340520Section 17WilsonJoshua80.00
Delaware 340520Section 17EverettCalvin250.00
Delaware 326313Section 17ParkerMary10.00
Delaware 326313Section 18EverettCalvin20.00
Delaware 105974Section 18AdamsHoraceM.225.94
Delaware 339357Section 21ParkerMary150.00
Delaware 105974Section 21AdamsHoraceM.280.00
Delaware 339357Section 22ParkerMary160.00
Delaware 105974Section 27AdamsHoraceM.150.00
Delaware 104973Section 32AdamsRichardC.60.00
Delaware 105974Section 35AdamsHoraceM.100.00
Township 25 North, Range 17 East, Indian Meridian
Delaware 304213Section 28BratcherCarrie10.00
Delaware 338928Section 28LowranceAdelineL.60.00
Delaware 338928Section 29LowranceAdelineL.270.00
Delaware 338928Section 30LowranceAdelineL.280.00
Delaware 329927Section 30CampbellAdelineL.40.00
Delaware 338928Section 31LowranceAdelineL.70.00
Delaware 329927Section 31CampbellAdelineL.70.00
Delaware 338928Section 32LowranceAdelineL.150.00
Delaware 338928Section 33LowranceAdelineL.80.00
Township 26 North, Range 17 East, Indian Meridian
Delaware 92568Section 9WhiteMary120.00
Delaware 96568Section 10WhiteMary160.00
Delaware 102404Section 18ArmstrongMaryE.80.00
Delaware 102404Section 19ArmstrongMaryE.236.29
Delaware 277876Section 19ArmstrongAlbertF.10.00
Delaware 277876Section 20ArmstrongAlbertF.50.00
Delaware 232229Section 29ZaneMatilda20.00
Delaware 277876Section 29ArmstrongAlbertF.80.00
Delaware 301874Section 29ArmstrongHenry100.00
Delaware 301874Section 30ArmstrongHenry440.00
Delaware 102404Section 30ArmstrongMaryE.9.25
Township 27 North, Range 17 East, Indian Meridian
Delaware 216736Section 7ConnorSusan44.47
Delaware 216736Section 8ConnorSusan100.00
Delaware 143868Section 8GibsonJamesW.10.00
Delaware 216736Section 17ConnorSusan160.00
Delaware 321501Section 19LoveSimon55.32
Delaware 321501Section 30LoveSimon84.60

Allotment of Lands to Delaware Indians, 58th Congress, 2nd Session, Senate, No.104, 1904

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