Thirty-Third Annual Report

Washington, D. C., January 31, 1902.

Sir: We have the honor to submit the Thirty-third Annual Report of the Board of Indian Commissioners.

We no longer need to report upon Indian ‘outbreaks” or “wars.” It is altogether improbable that an attempt at war upon the whites will ever again be made by any Indian tribe. Serious rioting is not to be anticipated, for the Indians have learned to expect just and humane treatment from the Government, and they know the uselessness of violence and the wisdom of peaceful protest when they think themselves unfairly treated.

The Thirty-Third Annual Report includes the history of the Ogden Land Company, the claims of the company to certain of the lands of the Seneca Indian Nation, in the State of New York, and other matters of material interest connected with these Indians. The report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs shows that the Commissioner is of the opinion that the Ogden Land Company has an existing right and interest in the Alleghany and Cattaraugus, and in a portion of the Tuscarora Reservations. The Commissioner adds that the extent or quantity of this interest seems to be fully recognized by the courts and by the Legislature of New York, but the value of the interest is unfixed and does not admit of definite ascertainment. The Commissioner recommends the extinguishment of the claim of the land company; the allotment of the lands to the Indians in severalty; the repeal of all special State laws, and the absorption of the Indians into the body politic of the State.



Board Of Indian Commissioners. Thirty-Third Annual Report Of The Board Of Indian Commissioners. Government Printing Office. 1901.

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