North Dakota Land Patents – Chippewa Tribe

North Dakota Land Patents – Chippewa Tribe

Patentee NameDateDoc. #Accession #
CHARBONEAU, ANTOINE01/24/1910101438-09106039
CHARETTE, BRIDGITE04/05/1913305615324034
HERBY, CHARLOTTE LEGO08/23/1913319913352222
HERMAN, ALEXANDER03/28/1912221891255733
HOULE, VIRGINIE04/05/1913305615324033
LANGER, JOHN B10/12/190883234-0821191
LATERREGRASS, JOHN B10/12/190879230-0821111
MORIN, JOHN B07/26/1913346172348285
PAGE, VICTORIA01/24/1910101438-09106039

Collection: Native American Land Patents.

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