New Jersey Indians – Q Surname

Quackpacktequa, Namerisko and Mataros, “the natural proprietors of a certain tract of land” at Wanaque, in 1729. Unrecorded deed, quoted in “The Early Days and Early Surveys of East New Jersey,” by William Roome, Morristown, 1883, p. 20.

Quaghhum. Indian deed, Nov. 28, 1701. See Wiequahila.

Quahick, Indian Sachem of Woomanasung. Indian deed, Aug. 12, 1677. See Janatan.

Quanalam, 283. Indian deed, Sept. 2, 1696. See Mockhanghan. See also Mochanhan.

Quanolam. Indian deed, June 1 6, 1703. See Wickwella.

Quanolom. Indian deed, March 10, 1702-3. See Wickwella.

Quaquahela. Said to have been a “great sachem” near Lake Hopatcong, according to a reported legend. Hist. Morris County, 1882, p. 234. Sarah Stores, widow of Quaquahela, was a party to the Indian treaty at Crosswicks, February, 1758. Smith s N. J., 442. Is not this name a variant of Wequehela?

Quaquay, Dirick. Indian power of attorney, Feb. 23, 1758. See Teedyescunk.

Quaquenow. Indian deed, Oct. 23, 1758. See Egohohoun.

Queehloe, “King,” King Teshmokamm, Shaphae and Yaupis. Indian deed, March 14, 1744-5, confirming the Horseneck purchase of March 7, 1701-2, the latter deed having been lost by fire, March 7, 1744. See Loantique. N. J. Archives, XV., 533. ama.

Queenemenka. Indian deed, Nov. I, 1714. See Namaliskont.

Queickolen. Indian deed, April 12, 1684. See Tallaca.

QuenaJowmon, 156. “Hoaham and Quenalowmon, Sachems.” Indian deed, Nov. 4, 1702. See Hoaham.

Quenamaka and Tetakomes. Signed Queneemaka, “as the owner and sole proprietor, the other Indian named called Tetakomis being mentioned therein through mistake or wrong information, he having no right in the said granted land, but Queneemaka seized of the whole as above said.” Indian deed, Aug. 18, 1713, to Colonel Daniel Coxe, for lands on the Delaware River, “from the upper side of land late Wataamemaus, being about four miles higher upon the einde than Pahoqualong into or near the upper part of the Minnisink, where it meets with the lands of Taphaow.” W. J. Deeds, Lib. BBB, P. 145 (“Einde” seems to be used here in the sense of foot-hills. See Menaukahickon, and Sasakaman.

Queramack. Indian deed, September 14, 1677. See Canackamack.

Queramacke. Witness to Indian deed, September 14, 1677. See Conackamack.

Querameck, Kesyaes, Metapis, Isarick, Pekawan and Turantecos. Indian deed for lands on Raratan River, June 7, 1677. E. J. Deeds, Lib. No. i, p. 84, back.

Queremack, Eschereck and Peckcanouse, 51. Indian deed, April 20, 1682. See Eschereck.

Queremack, sachem, 57. Indian deed, Feb. 26, 1683-4, to Capt. Henry Greenland, for 80 acres E. S. E. of the Roundabout. ( See Keromack. )

Queromack. Indian deed, May 4, 1681. See Konackama.

Queskakous, Ensanckes, Sickonesyns, Sawotbouc, Wiewyt, Pemhacky, and others not named. Indian deeds for lands on South (the Delaware) River, cir. June 3, 1631. O Callaghan’s New Netherland, I., 479.

Quiasecament. Indian deed, October 23, 1758. See Egohohoun.

Ouiatemans, 639. Indian deed, June 16, 1703. See Awisham.

Quichtoe, King. Indian deed, March , 1701-2. See Loantique.

Quiekquaaren. Indian deed, May I, 1701. See Tapgow.

Quindamen. See Alpoongan. Quiquahalah. Indian power of attorney, Feb. 23, 1758. See Teedyescunk.

Quiqvonde. Indian deed, Aug. 13, 1708. See Taphaovv.

Quishive, 560. Indian deed, Dec. 12, 1699. See Cottenoclique.

Quisquand. Indian deed, Aug. 13, 1708. See Mokowisguanda.


Personal Names Of Indians Of New Jersey, By William Nelson, 1904, The Paterson History Club, Paterson, N. J.

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