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Red Jacket and the Wyandot Claim to Supremacy

At a great council of the western tribes, assembled near Detroit, prior to the late war, the celebrated Seneca orator, Red Jacket, was present, when the question of the right of the Wyandots to light the council fire, was brought up. This claim he strenuously resisted, and administered a rebuke to this nation in the following terms: “Have the Quatoghies forgotten themselves? Or do they suppose we have forgotten them? Who gave you the right in the west or east, to light the general council fire? You must have fallen asleep, and dreamt that the Six Nations were dead! Who

New Jersey Indians – B Surnames

Barrenach. Agreement, Dec., 1663. See Matanoo. Bawagtoons (a witness). Indian deed, May 19, 1671. See Assawakow. Beoppo. Indian deed, Oct. 23, 1758. See Egohohoun. Bomokan, I. Indian deed, January 10, 1658. With seven ether Indians, for land on the west side of the North river, from Wiehacken to Constable’s Hoeck. Bussabenaling. See Alpoongan.

New Jersey Indians – A Surnames

Abozaweramud, 66. Indian deed, Aug. 22, 1681. With eleven other “Indian proprietors,” for a tract on Mattawang or Millstone River, extending to Pametapake, opposite Staten Island. Acchipoor of Hoogkong. Indian deed, July 10, 1657. See Taghkospemo. Ackitoauw (Winfield gives his name as Kikitoauw) and Aiarotuv, Virginians, “inhabitants and joint owners,” for themselves and three other proprietors. Indian deed, Nov. 22, 1630, for Ahasimus and the peninsula Aressick (Jersey City). Winfield’s Hist. Hudson County, 15; N. Y. Col. Docs., XIII., 2; Indians of N. J., 102. Agnamapamund. Indian deed, Nov. 19, 1681. See Pawark. Ahtakkones, Nauhoosing, Okanickkon, Weskeakitt, Petheatus, Apperingues, Kekroppamant.

New Jersey Indians – C Surnames

Cacanakque, in Indian deed, 1667. See Wapamuck. Calkanicha. King of the Delawares. See History of New Sweden, by Thomas Campanius Holm, in Memoirs of Hist. Soc. of Penn., III., 135. In Smith’s History of N. J. the name is given as Ockanickon, and the other names mentioned in connection with his are given as Iakhursoe and Sheoppy. Campanius gives them as Jahkiosol and Schoppie. See Ockanickon. Camoins (Winfield gives it as Cauwins, which is improbable). Indian deed, Nov. 22, 1630. See Ackitoauw. Canackamack, Capatamin and Thingorawis. Indian deed, September 14, 1677, in the presence of Emerus, Sachem of Navesinks, Queramack,

New Jersey Indians – N Surnames

Naamucksha. Indian deed, June 20, 1703. See Nanhamman. Nachoenkquy. Indian deed, May I, 1701. See Tapgow. Nacholas, 141. Indian deed, Oct. 29, 1701. See Tallquapie. Nachpong. Indian deed, Dec. 31, 1701. See Tapehou. Nackoniakene. Indian deed, April 12, 1684. See Tallaca. Nackpunck, 97. Indian deed, Nov. 29, 1686. “Weighrerens (on behalf of Nackpunck),” and others. See Hanayahame. Nachpunk is the name of a swamp in the south-eastern portion of Wayne township, which is drained by the Nachpunk brook into the Singack River. In 1898 I was retained to draft an act of the Legislature, incorporating the Borough of Totowa, and

New Jersey Indians – M Surnames

Machcopoiken. Mentioned in Indian deed, Oct. 29, 1701. See Tallquapie. Machcopoikan, Ashanham, Meshocorrang, lareandy (or lauwandy), Nockapowicke, Vugahen, Wellocke, Indian Sackamackers. Indian deed, Nov. 10, 1701, to John Johnston, for lands in Somerset county, on the west side of the north branch of Raritan River on Rachaneak River. E. J. Deeds, Lib. H, P- 37- Machcote, alias Keneckome, A whips, Negacape and Pamascone. Indian deed, May 12, 1681, for lands on Raritan river and Raweighweros brook. Elizabethtown Bill in Chancery, 53. Macheses. Indian deed, June 8, 1677. See Mendawasey. Machierick Hitock, Tospecsmick, Wennaminck Keckquennen, Sachems of Hoppemense, 7. Indian deed,

New Jersey Indians – L Surnames

Lames. See Alpoongan. Lammusecon. Indian deed, March 30. 1688. See Hoham. Laparomza. Indian deed. Aug. 18, 1713. See Menaukahickon. Lapink. Indian deed, Oct. 23, 1758. See Egohohoun. Lappawinza. Indian deed, Aug. 18, 1713. See Menaukahickon. Lawicowighe. Indian deed, June i, 1701. See Hippoquonow. Lawykaman. Indian deed, Oct. 23, 1758. See Egohohoun. Loantique, Taphaow, Manshuen, “with divers others, the owners and proprietors,” etc. Indian deed, March. 1701-2, to the inhabitants of Newark, for lands at Pine Brook, etc. (the Horseneck purchase). This deed having been “lost in a fire in the house of Jonathan Pierson at Newark, providentially burned March 7,

New Jersey Indians – K Surnames

Kaanserein. Indian deed, May i, 1701. See Tapgow. Kagkennip, i. Indian deed, Jan. 10, 1658. See Bomokan. Kagno-Onnen. Indian deed, May i, 1701. See Tapgow. Kahaew. Indian deed, April 21, 1727. See Mowessawach. Kaharosse. Indian deed, June 8, 1677. See Mendawasey. Kanashalees. Indian deed, Oct. 23, 1758. See Egohohoun. Karstangh. See Carstangh. Kasamen. Indian deed, June 8, 1677. See Mendawasey. Katamas, Sekappie, Poanto alias Enequete, Rennowighwan, Jackickon. Indian deed, Sept. 10, 1677, to Thomas Olive, for lands from Rankokus Creek to Timber creek. W. J. Deeds, Lib. B, Part i, p. 4. Keekott, Robert. Power of attorney, Feb. 23, 1758.

New Jersey Indians – I Surnames

Iakhursoe. Brother s son of Ockanickon, and appointed by Ockanickon to succeed him as King. Smith’s N. J., 148. See Ockanickon. (Jakhursoe Achcolsoet. one who takes care of a thing, a preserver. Heckewelder’s Dictionary of the Delaware, etc., 383.) Iareandy, Iauwandy. Indian deed, Nov. 10, 1701. See Machcopoikan. Ichchepe, 66. Indian deed, Aug. 22, 1681. See Abozaweramud. Ipan Kickan. Indian chief, of Rancokeskill, N. J. With three other Chiefs, at a conference with Governor Andros, at New Castle, Del., May 13, 1675. N. Y. Col. Docs., XII., 523; N. J. Archives, I., 182. Ireoseke. Indian deed, May 3, 1677. See

New Jersey Indians – H Surnames

Hagkinsiek (witness), 17. Indian deed, May 19, 1671. See Assawakow. Haham. Indian deed, Nov. 28, 1701. See Wiequahila. Aug. 13, 1708. See Taphaow. Haharois. Indian deed, June 8, 1677. See Mendawasey. Hairish, in Indian deed, 1667. See Wapamuck. Hamahem, a Sakamaker of the Hackensacks, in 1678. Indians of N. J., 110. Hamakenon. Indian deed, June 8, 1677. See Mendawasey. Hamemohakun (signed Henemohokun). Indian deed, Aug. 13, 1708. See Taphaow. Hanrapen, in Indian deed, 1678. See Manschy. Hanyaham, Hanayaham, Hanayahame, 7. Indian deed, July 20, 1668. See Anaren. Hanyahanum, 18. Indian deed, Feb. 28, 1671-2. See Capatamine. P. 97. Indian deed,